Thursday, July 27, 2006

Making money with an eBay business

Making money online has never been easier than it is now.
One of the prime opportunities that exist today is with
eBay. EBay, of course, is the revolutionary auction site
that is now beginning to circle the globe.

As with all other business opportunities, conducting
research is essential. When you partner with eBay, you are
essentially becoming a merchant of sorts, using the site to
reach a larger market. As a merchant, the basic questions
you should be able to answer two questions: what will you
sell, and where will you buy? For all the obvious reasons,
you want to provide a unique product, hopefully filling a
market need. The key to success is to find a profitable
niche where you either can dominate the competitors or one
where you have no competitors at all.

Now, there are two main types of sellers on eBay. There are
business sellers and garage sellers. Garage sellers, as the
term implies, are those who sell various personal
knickknacks on the web, much like in a garage sale, albeit
to a larger customer base. The items are usually pre-owned.
More than earning a profit, garage sellers usually just want
to get rid of some of their older property.

Business sellers, on the other hand, are those who operate
on eBay for the primary purpose of earning a profit. While
still a minority, many people are being added to this
category everyday. Some have earned so much that they have
found keeping their day job unnecessary. To attain this
level however, you will have to keep a few things in mind.

First, treat your eBay venture like a legitimate business.
The trick to making money with an eBay business is to simply
treat it like one. It might start off as a hobby or a
sideline, but you should very quickly get serious if you
want to earn significant amounts. You may want to create a
business name, open separate bank accounts, and
accomplishing the necessary paperwork to establish your
venture. After that, give it your best shot. Offer great
products at low prices, back it up with excellent customer
service, and you have a recipe for success.

Second, specialize. You can’t be an expert in all the
categories in eBay; you can’t understand the value of all
products. To be successful, you should concentrate on just
one or two areas, and focus all your energy on those areas.
Become an expert in your chosen areas, and the chances of
making good trades (and therefore making more money)
exponentially increase.

Third, learn to communicate well. Napoleon used to tell his
secretaries, “Be clear, be clear, be clear!” You must follow
the same policy. Learn how to write auction listings that
accurately describe your product, and don’t neglect to
include all relevant details, such those involving shipping
and handling, return policies, etc. Not only must you
communicate well, you must communicate in a timely manner.
Try to respond to all questions promptly and courteously,
and try to be in touch with your winning bidders from the
start of the transaction to its close. This is the secret to
making money with an eBay business.

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