Saturday, September 09, 2006

Toot Your Web Horn
Tips for promoting your home business web site.

Traffic on the freeway is bad. Traffic on the Internet is
good. With over 60 million web sites on the Net, you need a
solid strategy for steering customers to your home business
web site.

Search Engines

Search engines are the yellow pages for a home business web
site. Over 80% of Internet surfers use search engines to
find information on the web. To get the most traffic to
your site, list with the big search engine players Yahoo,
Google, and MSN. Smaller search engines also get results
from the big three so you'll be covered in case customers
visit less popular engines.

Looking Good

Your home business web site can be simple or complex but it
must be functional and attractive. Make sure your site does
what it is supposed to do - provide customers with concise,
useful information about your product or service. Be wary
of making things too complicated. The site should be easy
to navigate or customers will look elsewhere.

Your home business web site should also look professional,
not cheap. If you aren't design savvy, spend money on a
good web designer. The investment will pay off by
attracting more people to your web page.

On-line Ads

The Internet has many sites where you can list your home
business web site for free. To guarantee the greatest
exposure, place your ad on several (20 or more) sites and
repeat the process every month.

Banner advertisements can be as effective as TV spots in
increasing customer awareness of your business. A banner ad
should be direct, i.e. promote a benefit of rather than just
the name of the product or service. Try participating in a
banner exchange program such as LinkExchange that connects
your home business web site to other company sites that have
similar customer bases.

Affiliate programs offer an excellent opportunity to promote
your home business web site. Affiliate businesses post
links to your web page on their sites. You pay them a
commission or set fee based on the amount of traffic sent to
your web site. Pay arrangements vary and can be based on
the number of people who visit your site or the number of
customers who purchase your product.

Bloggin' It

Bloggers are the hot new information medium. Getting them
to write about your home business web site is an excellent
way to gain exposure to potential customers.

Technorati Blog Directory provides a listing of blogs by
industry. Do your research here to determine which blogs
might be interested in writing about your business. Send a
short, personal email to a few blog writers describing your
web site and asking the blogger to write about it. Offer
the writer something in return, for example, free product or
a link back to his blog on your web site.

Off-line Ads

Cruising Down the Highway

Your car is a moving billboard for a home business web site.
Window decals and bumper stickers are inexpensive ways to
get the word out about your web site. Spend a few extra
dollars for a personalized license plate with your web

Old Media Standby

Regardless of what the bloggers say, people still read the
printed page. Run ads in the classifieds of large and small
papers, trade magazines, and free weeklies. Your choice of
print media will depend on the product or service offered
and whether you do business locally or nationwide.

Try these work at home ideas and opportunities using the free methods
you've learned here and see the results for yourself:

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