Sunday, December 24, 2006

Home Business and Affiliate Opportunities: What Separates the
Best From the Rest

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Finding the Right One For You

Nowadays, affiliate opportunities are everywhere. There has been
an exponential rise in the number of available affiliate
opportunities – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there
has been a corresponding rise in the number of people who’ve
made money from such ventures. (Unless you count the people
who started the affiliate company in the first place.) The affiliate
industry is notorious for its scams – thousands of people
have lost millions of dollars in fraudulent ventures. In
other words, if you are not careful, you are liable to lose
your money in this business field.

This is not to say, of course, that all home business affiliate
opportunities are automatically be classified as frauds.
There are people who run legitimate and profitable affiliate
businesses, not simply the kind that collapses on itself
after a period of time. The problem for the casual observer,
of course, is separating the rare flower from the abundant
thorns. In other words, how can one spot a legitimate affiliate

The cardinal rule about finding the right home business affiliate
opportunities is this: If it is too good to be true, it
probably is. affiliate marketers are taught to exaggerate the
potential of their programs, and make it look as if the
wealth that you can generate will be effortless. All of this
must be seen as a sales pitch – they want you to buy into
their program, which will result in them earning a
commission. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a
free lunch. This rule applies to everything in life; why
should it be any different in a business endeavor? Even if
it is “residual income,” you obviously will have to do
something to deserve it. In an affiliate opportunity makes
everything look easy, then you can be sure that something is
wrong somewhere. A good, honest program, will advise you of
the difficulties of the endeavor without appearing negative
or optimistic.

Keep your rationality intact as you evaluate each separate
home business affiliate opportunity. Don’t let fear stop you from
trying out a venture, but don’t let your greed get the best
of you either. A good, honest affiliate opportunity won’t give you
undeserved rewards. If they did, they won’t be in business
for very long. Compensation must be realistic and
commensurate to achievements, just as in a real business
undertaking. The first question you should ask is, “where
does the company get the money to pay all the people like
me?” If this question is not easy to answer, alarm signals
should start to go off inside your head.

Above all, try to conduct business with people of only the
highest character, not simply those with the highest
intelligence or greatest ambition. After all, without the
first quality, the last two will kill you.

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