Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vital Viral - Viral Traffic Building Solution

Hi Everyone,

From now on i'm not only going to post informative home business articles to this blog, but also any new methods that I am currently using to generate traffic to my affiliate business links. I've been fascinated by all the ways i've been learning to build traffic to my home business website, and I thought It would benefit others to know them as well. So, without further ado..

A traffic building tool i've found recently is called Vitalviral:

The main purpose of VitalViral is to give you a system that will be effective at building downlines in the various supported traffic / safelist programs.

Have you ever tried promoting your affiliate link for say TrafficSwarm within TrafficSwarm? I hope not because it just won't work; most of the people seeing your adverts are already members!

OK, have you ever tried promoting a different traffic program affiliate link from within TrafficSwarm?

It's better but still not very effective because you're not offering the visitor anything except 'please join my downline in this xyz program' - not a very compelling offer for your visitor.
By contrast, offer that visitor a free system that will HELP THEM and you greatly increase the chance that they will join your downline.

When they join, they will hopefully join at least one or more programs through your links. From that moment on, whenever they promote VitalViral for their own purposes, they're helping you build your downline in those programs. And anyone they introduce will be helping you too! This is SO powerful. Your business is going to benefit from people who don't join your main business!!

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