Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Internet Business Success For Newbies

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In this article I'd like to give some points on the steps that any new internet entrepreneur can use to make money on the internet. Also, to show that it is easier than you may think to to start your own internet business.

By simply having access to the internet you have a huge advantage, couple that with freedom of choice and you are on your way. In a capitalist society this freedom of choice is the difference between living the life of your dreams or working a 9-5 job the rest of your life. The hard work and commitment that you will have to put into yourself and your business is not much to ask when faced with these choices.

The main problem for newbies to internet marketing is that no matter how good the opportunity might be, the new internet entrepreneur might complain about the amount of real work required to reap the benefits of residual profit and making money on auto-pilot. Taking your business into your own hands is the only way to success for any business person, because if you don't who else will?

"I don’t know how to do this! The tutorials are not enough! I need to be spoon fed!"

If everybody who started a business online had this attitude there would be no self made millionaires, billionaires, or successful entrepreneurs in this world today.

It's obvious that there are many success stories of those who have made their fortunes online and continue to reap the benefits of the choice to start an online business, to this day. Do you want it badly enough?

You simply have to get your hands dirty and put in the effort to sit down for a few ours and learn, otherwise you won't get anywhere. The internet is such a great tool for research where you can find tons of resources, forums, and even mentors to assist you. With an internet connection there really is no excuse for not learning and applying if you're able to.

It’s what they call an Information Highway, that’s the basis of the internet and why it was created, and it’s still the driving force behind the technology.

By focusing on being a middle man between buyers and sellers by providing valuable information to the buyer on behalf of the seller. In this way you can make a lot of money online.

here are 10 easy steps:

1. Find and target a hot profitable market with money to spend before you start
(you might have head this before, but it still works)

2. Get a market-generic domain name that’s catchy and memorable.

3. Create a website to serve this market with information and content. Strive to brand yourself in your market with your website.

4. With your information and content, add in recommended quality resources that SOLVE the market’s problems (resources must be targeted to your market, obviously.) Affiliate marketing works the best at this point.

5. Always strive to capture leads and build a database for future correspondence and contact with your market.

6. Focus on marketing, advertising and driving traffic to your website once it’s all set up to profit. FOCUS ON THIS!

7. Communicate regularly with your list for goodness sake. Some people don’t email their lists. I do it often :-)

8. Test, tweak and increase conversion of your website with better copy, multimedia and graphics etc.

9. Create your own products in this market. Information products are tops.

10. Start an affiliate program and MARKET your affiliate program

Rinse, repeat and replicate.

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