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Earn Extra Cash From Your Online Presence

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Some businesses may believe they have no need for a website and if they are a service business or have no offers for online sales, they may well be right. However, a large portion of potential customers learn about products and services based on online searches and businesses who lack an internet presence will miss out on a lot of potential sales. No longer will people drive to many different locations looking for specific products or spend hours on the phone calling around to find a service technician.

Most people today have internet access and will begin by looking online for a specific product or service. While telephone directories also offer much more information than even a decade ago, people claim it is easier to type in what they are looking for on a search engine and make calls from the results. Businesses not listed on the internet have more competition, even from business that may be further away and out of the customer's usual travel distance.

The website for non-internet based businesses does not have to be elaborate but should offer the basics of what is offered and most importantly how to contact the business. In order to pay for the website, there are a few things the owner can do to help raise money from their website through affiliate advertising or selling ads directly to other businesses.

The business owner can hook up with other businesses offering complimentary services or products on a commission basis and when one of their visitor's heads off to the other business's website and makes a purchase, they get a commission on the sale. Finding the right businesses with which to affiliate may take some research, but the additional income may possibly at least pay for the internet presence.

Having other affiliated businesses related to the line of work, but not in competition is the best way to earn extra money. For example, if the business is in plumbing services, affiliates that sell cleaning supplies may receive sales if there has been a pipe break. The business gets the call for the emergency service and the affiliate may get to sell some mops and other cleaning equipment. Other business that offer the same services should not be included in the advertising efforts as competition will reduce the number of potential customers.

Internet auctions are big business and receiving a small commission from auction sales can help pay the bills and by advertising an auction on the business website will most likely not be in competition for what is sold there. Making the site a destination to faithful customers with appropriate seasonal changes can have customers return just to visit the affiliated companies, earning the site money even if visitors do not need the services of the company.

Talking to other local related businesses about sharing the cost of the website is another way of paying for the site. If someone has a pipe burst they may need carpet cleaning or basement work and other local companies may pay a percentage of any business that is sent their way as a referral from the business site.

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