Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why Should You Start Your Own Home Business?

Starting a home business is the dream of many people; in
fact, it has become the ideal for millions. If you are
reading this article, the chances are high that you are one
who believes that there is much more to life than just
waking up each morning and working the rest of the day for a

There’s nothing wrong with working for a wage, mind you –
especially if it pays the bills! However, an increasing
number of people are finding that working for someone else
is not very rewarding. After all, as an employee it is not
likely that you are being compensated according to your real
value to the company. In other words, you only get a small
percentage of the fruits of your labors – your boss gets the
lion’s share.

Once you realize this, you basically have two choices: you
can stay on the same path that you’ve been for many years as
an employee, or you can strike out on your own in hopes of
getting more out of life.

Deciding between these two extremes is not easy, but you
will have to make the choice at some point or another. Do
you want to be someone who works for others, or do you want
to have other people work for you? Do want your time and
energy to be spent in enriching someone else, or do you want
your efforts to benefit you directly? Do you want to spend
the rest of your life working for a boss, or as the boss?

Once you realize that the rewards for employers and
employees are significantly different, and that
entrepreneurs can expect to have more success than wage
earners, then the choice should be easy to make. Having your
own home business, being your own boss, and having other
people work for you is the key to your long term success. As
a wage earner, the amount of money you earn is limited to
the number of hours in the day. For example, if you are a
secretary getting paid $30 an hour, and you work for a
standard eight-hour day, you will earn $240 daily. That’s
all you’ll get, unless you work overtime. The moment you
stop working, you stop earning. In essence, you personally
exchange your time, energy, and skills for a few bucks.

Now, let’s say that you decide to start your own home
business instead. Because you are an experienced secretary,
you know what it takes to be a good one. You hire three
young employees and start a service that offers secretarial
services to those who need it. You pay your employees $20 an
hour and charge $30 to your clients, netting you a clean $10
for every hour that your employees work – at very little
extra effort to you. If all three work for eight hours, then
you just made the $240 you used to earn as a secretary
yourself – even if you barely lifted your finger. What
you’re doing, of course, is exchanging the time, energy, and
skills of other people for money – the highway to becoming

I hope this aricles creates the spark you need to start
your own home business today.

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