Saturday, October 21, 2006

Multi-Media Marketing for Money

More than most other online businesses, a home based
Internet marketing business requires experience and
training. There are some online home businesses, such as
medical transcription, data entry, word processing and
virtual call centers that you can start with some very basic
skills and a short bit of initial training. A home based
Internet marketing business is not one of these. While it’s
not essential that you have a four year degree in marketing
to succeed you must have some experience in marketing yours
or others firm and should have taken some classes in
marketing essentials.

If you’ve been a marketing specialist for another firm or
acted in a management capacity that required you to practice
some marketing job tasks, then you probably have a good feel
for what marketing is all about. Now you just need some
classes. For that you can go online if you prefer that to
classroom learning. Let’s take a look at some of the courses
that will train you for a home based Internet marketing

One 55 hour course, for example, is $99 at one online
training facility we found. Courses include tips on
advertising on the Web, building the client’s marketing
strategy, developing your e-business, customer service,
taking online payments, starting your home based Internet
marketing business, e-commerce influences and strategies,
writing and designing great applications, keeping business
costs to a minimum for yourself as well as your client,
managing and marketing your own e-business, the ins and outs
of data mining and real time, as well as planning client

The four hour course about Internet advertising is the kick
off course for your home based Internet marketing business
training. Here you’ll get a good overview of the various
advertising options for your client when he or she markets
on the Internet. The course objectives are to train you to
promote your clients’ business on the Web, to plan the
firm’s advertising campaign, to find your own customers, to
compare the pros and cons of the various forms of
advertising for your clients and to learn where Internet
advertising is headed.

Building marketing strategy is one of the more essential
courses for your home based Internet marketing business. In
this online class you’ll learn a complex overview of the
various marketing tools and options for your clients’ online
business as well as your own. You’ll learn about outside
promotion and data mining. Specific training includes
identification of effective promotion in a face to face
environment and a description of the relationship between e-
commerce and public relations. In the five hour course
you’ll also find out what niche marketing is all about and
how it can help your client and your own home based Internet
marketing business.

The E-business development course gets down to the basics.
You’ll learn what a virtual corporation is, what business
and marketing tasks you and your clients can and should
outsource, understand partnership pros and cons, and look at
the problems that can occur in an online business.

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