Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to Successfully Work At Home with Your Own Home Business

To own your home business and to work at home are the two
most often uttered phrases when an employee is asked what
they would love to do instead of going to work every day.
Perhaps it is the sense of accomplishment that goes hand in
hand with owning a home business, or maybe it is the joy of
being at home in familiar surroundings while still doing
work that will earn you a check. Whatever the case may be,
successfully working at home with your own home business is
not something that happens by chance but instead something
that needs to be planned.

Here are some tips on working at home with your own

Set up a home office. Working at home has many perks, but if
you do not have a dedicated work space, you will not be able
to enjoy them very much. After all, your business’
credibility will suffer if prospective customers hear the
Disney channel in the background. Set apart some work space
that will allow you to close a door or at least to be
undisturbed by whatever goes on in another part of your

Set some office hours and stick to them. It is tempting to
devote every waking hour to your new business, but keep in
mind that doing so will not only lead to a quick burnout,
but it will also counteract any positive experiences you
could have while working at home – such as spending more
time with your family, actually cooking them a nutritious
breakfast, or being home and available when the school bus
drops off the kids. It is not fair to your family to work
during off hours!

Be innovative, think outside the box, and do not be afraid
to try something new.
This is true especially when it comes
to marketing your new business! If, for example, you run a
pet grooming business and if you own a dog, go ahead and
dress the little canine up in a cute costume and then hand
out flyers at the local park.

Lean to say “no.” For reasons that may invite endless
speculation, when friends and family hear that you are now
working from home, many will take this as an open invitation
to drop by and visit, request that you watch their kids, or
run some errands. It is important to gently but firmly say
“no” when these requests fall during your business hours.
Remember, you took this step so you could be home with your
family! If you begin toying with your business hours to help
out everyone who asks, you will find yourself compromising
the time you have scheduled for your family!

As you can see, running a successful home business depends
on your ability to work at home undisturbed and with all the
discipline that working for an employer previously demanded.

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