Saturday, September 23, 2006

Easy money to be earned selling e-books.

Can you get rich selling e-books? While Bill Gates' type
money isn't guaranteed, you can earn you a very nice income
selling e-books online.

E-books are electronic versions of printed material that can
contain text, sound, and images. The profit potential from
selling them is high because start up and operating expenses
are very low. The biggest expense is purchasing books for

You can earn even more money if you write some of your own
e-books. Your writing skills don't have to be stellar.
There are online sources that will take your research and
craft an e-book for you. Some of these companies even take
care of marketing, payments, and shipping.

Buying e-books for Sale

You can purchase e-books from authors online. eBay is
another source for e-book buying. Purchase e-books with
resell rights. This allows customers to sell the e-books
they buy from you themselves thus providing an incentive for
them to do business with you.

Make sure the e-books you buy (or write yourself) are full
of useful information and resources. Some e-books are
nothing more than ads and sales pitches for the writer's
products. These "ad books" will turn off customers and
decrease repeat business.

Do your research to determine what types of information
people are seeking. Getting rich selling e-books will
depend on the topics covered, customer base, and marketing

Before buying an e-book for resale, do an online search for
the title. If lots of web sites are selling the book, it's
probably a popular title and will be a good seller. It also
helps to sell e-books that cater to a specific market niche.
Search online forums and other group sites to locate
potential target markets for niche titles. Contact these
groups with a short email inviting them to visit your site.
Offer an incentive such as 20% off first purchase to
increase site traffic.

E-books about current trends or hot topics will generate
more income. Your income will really get a boost if you can
spot the "next big topic" and write or purchase e-books to
sell before the competition saturates the market.

Marketing Extras

You can use a common template for your e-books web site or
sell them on an existing site you already have. However, to
stand out from the competition, create you own web site to
sell e-books. Always add new titles to your stock to keep
old customers coming back and to attract new ones. Use
email to notify customers of new titles and special sales.
Offer discounts on slow moving titles.

Affiliate programs are another way to get rich selling e-
books. The affiliate pays you a commission for of its e-
books you sell. To earn extra cash from e-books you write,
start your own affiliate program.

There are plenty of online and print books that will help
you learn how to get in on the e-book sales bandwagon. A
good place to begin reading is "Make Your Knowledge Sell,"
by Ken Evoy and Monique Harris.

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