Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cheap Advertising for Home Business: Inexpensive Ideas That Can Boost Your Profits

Advertising costs can quickly pile up, especially if you are a small home business. Getting exposure on TV or radio seems out of the question – where can one possibly find cheap advertising for home businesses? The cause seems so hopeless that many of us give up before we even begin.

This article argues that many home business owners are overlooking many inexpensive opportunities to promote their businesses and increase their sales. Many of these suggestions have been proven to work, and require but a little ingenuity and imagination. Using these ideas, you should be able to improve your visibility, without spending more than you have to.

Give something for free. People love free stuff. No matter what business you are in, if you offer something for free, chances are that you’ll get to meet more potential customers. A lot of businesses have found it worthwhile to issue coupons. If you are a service provider, try issuing a coupon for an hours worth of your service. You’ll be surprised how many turn up to take you up on you offer. If you are engaged in selling products, issue coupons that your customers can use to avail of a discount.

Print some stickers. Stickers are a very cost-efficient way of “getting the word out.” Ask some of your family, friends, and current customers to display your stickers prominently in their cars or personal belongings. When combined with a catchy slogan or perhaps an excellent business offer, your stickers will bring you business far above what it cost you to print them, which will be just a few dollars. This is an excellent example of cheap advertising for home businesses.

Personalize your receipts. Most businesses use rather lackluster or generic designs on their receipts. You can take advantage of this situation. By getting your creative juices flowing and adding a little advertising into your receipts, your company will stand out in your customer’s minds. Use your receipts to remind customers of what you stand for. Inform them of any upcoming events or special offers. This way, whenever your customers rifle through their records, they’ll consider sending some business your way.

Send some cards. This is a little courtesy that top salesmen have used for years. First, you get some of your customer’s personal information, such as their birthdates, anniversary dates, their address, etc. Then you simply send them some cards during their important days, such as when they are celebrating their anniversaries, or when they have a new child. By sending cards to your customers, you make them like you better, making it more likely that they will do business with you.

As you can see, there are many inexpensive ideas that can help you boost your business. Cheap advertising for home businesses are available – you just need to know where you look.

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