Friday, September 29, 2006

Is Working at Home For You?

What if?

Working at home has always been a dream for millions of
people. After all, who want to spend their lives in a crummy
job for very little pay? All of us, no matter what our
profession or nationality, want a little more out of life
than what we actually have now. Working at home seems like
the answer to so many of our problems. We ask ourselves,
“What would life be like if I didn’t have to wake up each
morning and spend the day doing something that I don’t like?
How would I feel if I could work at home?”

I can answer that question. You would feel great. If you
didn’t have to wake up each day to go to work, you’ll have a
terrific time, assuming that you didn’t like your work in
the first place. If you love your job and have a rip-roaring
good time each day, then you probably don’t need to read the
rest of this article. This article is written for those who
are undecided about one thing: the decision to keep their
current job, or to start working at home. In other words,
those who want to work at home.

Decision, decisions

If you decide to work at home, you are in effect trying to
become self-employed. Or an entrepreneur, if you will. This
decision should not be taken lightly. It is not for
everyone. A home based business, as comfortable as it may
seem, carries a significant amount of risk with it. There is
always a possibility that the business will fail. However,
if you make good decisions right from the start and set a
solid foundation for the years ahead, you will drastically
increase your chances of success. Starting your own home
business is risky; there’s no doubt about it. But you also
stand to realize massive gains, perhaps even amass a

There are many advantages that will accrue to you if you
decide to work at home. For many, not having to go to the
office daily is incentive enough. After all, haven’t you had
the experience of wanting to sleep for a few more minutes,
but had to get up because you were late for work? We’ve all
experienced that. When you work at home, you begin to take
charge of your life. You take control of your time and
decide how to spend it. Of course, this can be a two-edged
sword – if you are not the disciplined type. You might end
up procrastinating on your tasks, or perhaps not doing them
at all. This will most certainly cause your work at home bid
to fail. So before you decide to try and work at home, ask
yourself, are you disciplined enough? Being at home will
present you with countless opportunities to shirk your work.
Unless you can trust yourself to do the right thing, you’re
better off earning a regular wage. But if you’re the type of
person who has the courage and the will to go after your
dreams, then by all means! You’re the type of person who has
nothing to lose by working at home, and everything to gain.

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