Monday, January 01, 2007

Affiliate Opportunities Online: Why You Should Try your Hand
at an Internet Affiliate Business

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For most of us, having to do the things that are required in
an affiliate business is quite a hassle. Because affiliate
marketers are mostly, in effect, salespeople they are bound
to the procedures and tactics that sales professionals have
used for decades. Unfortunately, not all people have the
emotional and psychological temperament for such methods,
and the vast majority of individuals are downright
uncomfortable about having to sell a product from person to

Why people dislike the activities needed in an affiliate
opportunity is not hard to understand.

First, there is a social bias against selling from person to
person, almost as if you are needy. Oftentimes, the network
marketer is forced to resort to cold-calling, which can be a
bad experience for both the marketer and the person he is
calling on. Most network marketers are thought to be an
annoyance and a complete waste of time.

Second, many salespeople over the years have used heavy-
handed pressure methods to make their sales quotas. This
also applies to network marketers, some of whom have been
incredibly unscrupulous in their dealings. When even just
one affiliate marketer does even just one deed of dishonesty
or fraud, everyone else in the profession suffers as a

Third, most people simply do not have the energy to do the
legwork necessary to make their network marketing ventures a
success. Many people who enter network marketing work in
full-time jobs which use up much of their time and energy.
After a nine-hour workday, they simply are not in any
position to make some calls or pay some potential clients a
visit. Undoubtedly there are some people who can do this,
but they are the exception rather than the rule.

An internet affiliate business eliminates most of the
problems associated with traditional affiliate programs. By
setting up a site and letting technology take its share of
the work, you will drastically reduce the amount of time and
energy that it takes for you to make money with your
affiliate opportunity. However, this point must be made
clear: You will still have to work to make the whole thing
work. What you are doing is reducing the amount of work you
have to do, and minimizing the activities you dislike, but
the bottom line is that this is a business, and no business
can possibly thrive on perpetual autopilot.

You will need to understand the numbers game as it applies
to the internet. The key here is to get as many people as
possible to visit your site, and get them to like what they
see. Remember: It’s all about the traffic. If you have
hundreds of thousands of people visiting your site, you will
be able to sell, no matter how shoddy your representation

In truth, making money online is not any different from
making money in the real world. To do it, you need to have
in demand, high quality products to sell and an effective
method for marketing those products. (This service gives you

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