Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Effective Decision-Making Tips

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This article has a lot of great information for anybody involved in an online business. With so many business opportunities available on the internet it's easy to be pulled in many directions at the same time. Effective decision making slows things down and helps you make the best choice possible. Also, if you already run a home internet business you're probably always trying to get your business to the next level. This may cause some to purchase products and services and max out credit cards without really researching the products or searching for alternative methods. Enjoy the article...

Decision-making is an important task that will enable an organization to function properly but it is inevitable that some managers may find this task quite daunting because the success of the organization relies on them. They will also encounter the fear of making the wrong decision because so much is at stake. You might wonder though why some managers seem to take the task of decision-making easily and comfortably. In line with this, it is important to realize that these managers know the real importance of decision-making and they have realized a few facts about it. You can understand these concepts too and make effective decisions yourself.

The first thing you need to realize in decision-making is that there is always no right or wrong answer. You might be looking back at the past and thinking that you have made the “wrong” decision. But you need to put things into perspective. Decision is in itself, a choice between two or more alternatives, every choice is correct; you just need to find the best solution.

The next thing you need to realize is that it is never recommended for you to make instant decisions. This is because you need to do an extensive amount of research in each alternative and weigh the criteria before making any decision. Sometimes though, it is inevitable that you will encounter situations where fast decisions need to be made. In this case, you still need have an idea about the things you should do before making a choice.

It is also recommended for you to use the SWOT analysis that is the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats of each of the alternative solution. You can write each of these alternatives down and understand its impact on you, the people around you, and the organization to come to the most viable alternative.

Then to avoid feeling pressured, you should also make decisions as they come. Do not let the tasks and the paperwork pile up before you decide to tackle everything at once. This is because you will feel stressed and pressured when a lot of things need to be done simultaneously. Thus, your sense of judgment may become clouded and it is possible for you to make decisions you might later regret. Still another tip for you to make effective decisions is to consult with other people especially the people who will be affected by your decisions. This will enable you to have a clearer perspective of the impact your decision will have on the people around you.
Lastly, it is important that once you have made your decision, you stick to it because it will show your subordinates that you know what you are doing. Being committed will also enable you to avoid thinking about the ifs and the buts of alternative decisions.

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