Friday, November 02, 2007

Tips For Publicizing Your Home-Based Business

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If your work from home then you likely know that one of the biggest disadvantages is the fact that it is hard to achieve visibility in the market. However, be sure that you aren’t afraid since the number of home based businesses is growing because of the advances in technology and also due to the slowing economy. A home based business also has many benefits such as no commute time, you can make up your own hours and there is increased job satisfaction. The following tips can help you increase the visibility of your home based business in order to have a truly wonderful job.

Use press releases. This is one of the best things you can do for a home based business. When you launch a business, gain a new client, offer new services or products and when you are involved in a newsworthy event are all occasions to write press releases and send to your target publications.

All home based businesses can benefit from a web site. A web site is the ideal place for a home based business to announce their new products or services. For those without a web site you can easily find several sites that have free or low-costing hosting for single web pages.

A good method of advertising is to create a newsletter. You can have an e-mail based or off-line newsletter to send to both potential customers and current customers. Just make sure your newsletter contains worthwhile information for all your readers. If you only put in marketing hype then you will do your business more harm than good.

Giveaways or novelty items that you can give to your customers and potential customers is an excellent option. Just make sure your giveaway has your company logo or name along with contact information in order for it to be effective. You also want the giveaway to relate to your business in some way. Such as a mouse pad for those who work as a desktop publisher.

Networking is an excellent way to gain visibility as a small home based business. Simply join associations that are affiliated with your industry. Then you can meet potential customers, partners and even suppliers. Whenever you meet someone remember to give them your business card and take advantage of any speaking opportunities.

It can be beneficial to consider partnering or teaming up with other home based businesses that offer complementary services or products. This way you can double each others contact list and provide your clients with a more well-rounded package. And you can announce your new partnership with a press release for increased exposure. You can easily get the word out about your home based business with just a little ingenuity and effort. Then you will have increased customers and business growth as a reward.

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