Sunday, March 23, 2008

Do Not Let Search Engines Blacklist Your Network Marketing Product Site!

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Which Internet marketer has not heard the horror stories of the multi level marketing (MLM) newbie who struck out for her- or himself without much help from an up line and probably also by disregarding each and every ounce of good advice offered by many a website and tutorial and instead built a website advertising the product or service for sale?

Yet to the fledgling marketer’s surprise, no hits are being registered and in spite of tweaking and pruning the site every which way from Sunday, the traffic is still only trickling in, most of it being accidental rather than targeted. The sad reality is simple: unbeknownst to the new network marketer, the lovingly crafted site she or he spent so much time working on was blacklisted! Do not let search engines blacklist your network marketing product site!

Granted, the fledgling marketer from the example above probably was not quite as pure as the driven snow and instead may have engaged, wittingly or unwittingly, in some rather shady online practices which most major search engines will view as an immediate reason to blacklist the site. Here are some examples:

* Perhaps the most egregious offense is the use of irrelevant keywords within the website’s metatags or even within the body of the site just to generate more hits. Thus, if you are working on promotion a network marketing product related to wellness, the inclusion of several highly searched key terms, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and various other ailments will get you blacklisted, especially if the wellness product is not at all tangentially related to any of these conditions.

* Submitting a website manually or automatically time and again to the same search engine is considered spamming. In the past it was done to ensure a higher ranking of the site, but with the modernization of the process, search engines are very sensitive to being spammed. Do it one too many times and your site will no longer be included in the search results.

* Beware the lure of the mirror site. Once again, this methodology is a blast from the past when it was thought to guarantee a higher ranking within the search engine’s ranking hierarchy. Yet with the advent of optimization procedures, mirror sites are considered to be a relic of the past and those who continue to utilize the technology that in the past allowed them to submit the exactly identical site with a different URL to a search engine will find that neither web address will be accepted.

There are a number of other tips, tricks, and schemes employed by those who design websites for their network marketing product. Do not fall for the lure of easy rankings at the expense of the integrity of your site. It is not just the search engine robots that catch on to your shenanigans, but it is also a more and more technologically astute populace that will realize your ploy and thus you will instantly lose a massive dose of credibility. This, in the Internet marketing business, is the death knell which must be avoided at all costs!

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