Friday, January 26, 2007

In Need Of A Way To Earn Residual Income?

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Have you ever been so dissatisfied with your financial
situation that it seemed like you would never be able to
find a way out? The day to day grind of a regular nine to
five job is not for everyone; it can get monotonous and
tedious for those who are just not satisfied with such a
life. For those of you who are able to make a comfortable
living off a mainstream source of employment, generating a
stream of residual income probably will not interest you. At
some point or another in life, most of us have been there
and wish there was something that could be done to make sure
it doesn’t happen again.

But for those of you who dream of something a little better
than what you’re doing now, wishing you could take more
vacations, thinking of improvements you could make to your
home, or even thinking of starting a family having a steady
source of income, perhaps even secondary to something else,
can be a good idea.

Residual income is money that you can make after you have
already finished doing whatever you did to earn it. Many
people maintain websites that attract visitors who create
business for the advertisers who sponsor the website. The
sponsors then kick down a fee to the website owner for
leading the customer to them in the first place. All the
website owner had to do was create the website, or hire
somebody to do it in many cases. Somebody random came
across the site and clicked on one of the ads, and they were
compensate; these programs are often called PPC or ‘pay-per-
click programs.’

Similar in tiered structure to ‘pay-per-click’ programs are
affiliate marketing programs, sometimes called MLM or
network marketing programs. Affiliate marketing has to do
with helping to generate business for businesses on the
internet, including but not limited to driving paying
members to the site. When affiliates recruit other
affiliates they are entitled to a portion of what their
affiliate has made, creating an eventual means of residual
income. Once the other affiliates are working, your initial
effort of becoming an affiliate and recruiting them has been
expended. They can make money for you from that point on.

If you have a bit more startup cash, consider getting into
real estate if you want a more serious way of going about
generating residual income. While real estate is quite a
substantial investment, it creates a solid source of
residual income that is guaranteed to come to you each month
in the form of rent payments.

Taking steps toward earning residual income is one of the
best steps you can take towards having a little “something
extra.” With dedication, you’ll be generating income
passively, with very little direct involvement if any at

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