Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When Your Home Business Dream Turns Into A Nightmare

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For many people owning their own business and working from home is like a dream come true. Unfortunately, falling into a dream with your eyes closed can quickly turn that dream into a nightmare. Many people enter into a home business with high expectations that may not be tied to the reality of operating a business at home and they quickly become discouraged. On the other hand, going into business for yourself without all the hype of the kind of freedom and riches that will fall in your lap can help you create a successful work at home business.

It does not matter the type of business you planning to open, there are certain realities that you have to face. Forget about having tons of free time to only what you feel like doing. Ignore the hype about only having to work a couple of hours a day. Part time work rarely results in full time pay and the notion of pulling in obscene riches working at home is a dream only realized by a few individuals, who are not likely to share any proprietary information with you or anyone else.

Working at a home business has to be considered as a job, and like any type of job you have to put in a certain amount of effort. With home businesses, the more effort you put in the bigger rewards are available, but believing that you can start your home business and instantly start earning the big bucks is the kind of unrealistic thinking that quickly causes a lack of sleep and when sleep does come, it is interrupted by nightmare.

Now that you understand that instant riches are not going to come from running your home business, you also need to understand that like all jobs it is going to require work. No matter what type of home business you plan to operate, chances are you are not going to be able to afford a full staff to do everything for you. At least in the beginning, if there is something to do, you are going to be in charge of getting it done. There is no advertising staff, no accounting staff, no billing and certainly no cleaning crew. It is all on you.

So much for having all that free time. Many people who quit their jobs on the basis of living the dream of owning their own business do not fully comprehend what it takes to earn a living working from home. Amid the constant interruptions of family and friends, the clients or customers that are demanding your time and the self-set deadlines to get things done will quickly take a toll on your patience.

Then there is the collections department, in charge of making sure your services or products are paid for on time. Yep. You are the only one there as well and threatening calls to a client to pay up will probably lead to the loss of a customer. In some cases that may actually be a good thing, but many home business owners find that a little diplomacy can go a long way to inflate the checking account.

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