Friday, May 30, 2008

How To Get Easy Money: Money Maker

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Just about all of us want many of the same things; we want to live a long, healthy life and we want to be happy. We want to be near the one’s who are important to us; we want to be fulfilled in our work and we want to leave a lasting mark on the world. We all are also interested in making money. Whether or not we like the security money involves, the status it entails, the ease with which we are able to live our life, or the things that it buys, just about everyone likes to have money. There are a number of ways to make money and some of these are even relatively easy to do.

Get in the right mindset: One of the biggest challenges for every aspiring money maker in the world is being able to embrace the moneymaking mindset. That is, making money your top priority. Many of us say that money is our top priority but as soon as we have a few extra dollars in our hands we head on over to the shoe emporium or the electronics boutique and just like that we are poor again. If you want to make money you have to save money and the easiest way to get easy money is by not spending the money you have.

Credit cards are a whole other beast altogether. Thirty years ago few people even had credit cards and today there are billions and billions of dollars outstanding on peoples Visa and MasterCard's all over the United States and all over the world. People will live beyond their means and this is another problem which goes hand in hand with getting in the right mindset. You have to set a budget for yourself and create limits for yourself and stick to them.

Emergency account: There are always emergencies; your kids need to go to the dentist, a your car breaks down, you have a trip to the emergency room; if you think you are somehow immune to these emergencies then you should get your head checked out, right away. The fact is we all are susceptible to trauma and we need to have a safety in place so that we don't go back to the old behaviors of living beyond our means and borrowing for our lives. Assess your situation; whether or not you have a spouse, children, or other pressing obligations; and then figure out how much it might be in an emergencies. Then take that money and put it away; don't look at it, don't touch it, don't borrow from it, don't do anything with it.

Build and watch grow: If you think money comes quick and easy, you got it one half right. The fact is that getting money is not all that hard; hanging onto it is a challenge but if you are able to do like the plan and plant a seed and watch something grow you can be a rich person in no time.

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