Thursday, April 24, 2008

Making Excuses to Work From Home

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It is important to be clear that you’re starting a home business as a means toward fulfilling a personal goal, but don’t let other goals stand as excuses not to act. Making the decision to invest hard-earned savings or quit a job is difficult. We all worry that it might be a mistake. Here are some common excuses people sometimes use to avoid making these tough choices.

I need to keep working so my children can go to college. Yes, large, looming financial obligations can keep you rooted in your job. But isn’t it possible that your children will also benefit from watching and participating in a home business? If you’re afraid to take a risk, won’t they likely hold back from trying to achieve their dreams, too? Make a college fund an important goal of the home business, and go after it!

I need my current job because of health benefits. Believe it or not, you can get health insurance as a self-employed person. It’s possible that, depending on your personal circumstances, it will cost more. But as a home business entrepreneur you might be able to earn more than you do in your current job. Don’t let the health care issue scare you off. Investigate what it would cost, build that expense into your business opportunity lead, and see if it works.

I’m worried about not having enough money for retirement. A legitimate concern, but how secure is your current job anyway? And are you making yourself miserable today, your best years from a health stand point, just so you can be comfortable in 10, 20, or 30 years? You can run your own business opportunity lead and plan for retirement. And you might be happier along the way!

My current employer just couldn’t get along without me. If that’s true, then they should be offering you some equity in the business! More likely, while they would miss you, the truth is that everyone is dispensable. If you got hit by a bus tomorrow, they’d find someone to replace you. Think of yourself first.

My husband wouldn’t like it or my wife wouldn’t stand for it. In a healthy relationship partners support each other’s goals and dreams and want the other to be happy. Talk to your spouse. If starting a home business is something you really feel strongly about, find out why your spouse is opposed to it and see if there isn’t some compromise. Who knows, you might be surprised to find out that he or she isn’t so dead set against it after all!

I just couldn’t afford it. If you’re up to your armpits in credit card debt and the mortgage payment is a challenge each month, you might not be the greatest candidate for taking a flyer on an unproved home business idea. But you can still tackle your business as well as a personal financial plan to get out of your current predicament. Challenge yourself to be in a position to start your business opportunity lead in three or five years. Stick to the plan and make it happen.

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