Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Free Online Advertising
Anybody who has an online business is looking for new ways
to increase exposure and sales without having to hand over
any money.

Traffic Swarm is a free advertising program that allows you
to promote up to 10 websites for free on their networks
search engine. This is targeted traffic, so only the people
searching for a product or service that your website
provides will see your ads. This increases the number of
people that actually click through to your site.

These are the categories Traffic Swarm currently supports:

Business Opportunities
Business and Marketing
Computers and Internet
Education and Career
Entertainment and Fun
Finance and Investing
General Audience/Other
Health and Fitness
Hobbies and Leisure
Homelife and Family
News and Current Events
Recreation and Sports
Shopping and Gifts
Technology and Gadgets
Website Development
Website Promotion

Traffic Swarm provides a built-in traffic and advertising
source for your new website. When you sign up and activate
your account, you get 100 free advertising credits. You can
immediately login to your Traffic Swarm account, set up an
ad for free and promote your site to millions of online
visitors at no cost whatsoever. This is an amazing free
advertising program that will put you on the fast track to
getting traffic and making profits with your website.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Get Everything You Need To Make Money Online

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

I've posted a copy of a great E-book that totally breaks down how to make money online using only your internet connection and your computer.

This is a very lucrative business for anybody willing to take the time to learn. My only concern is the bad reputation doing business online sometimes gets because alot of people waste their time and money doing the wrong things, and feel ripped of because of it.

This book shows you, for free, exactly what you need to do to get your online business going today. It also shows you how to completely control your success, like a science.

I do encourage you to read the entire book. It's 325 pages of no-nonsense Internet marketing "how to" info so after you read the "Dotcomology" ebook you will never be able to claim lack of knowledge as an excuse again. ;-)

Inside the book I've also included instant access to over 30 free tools and software programs that you can start using immediately to continue growing your online business.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money Online?
Copyright © Michael Laleye

Everyday average people are one the internet looking for ways to make money online. If you're one of them, I'm sure you've been asking yourself, "Where do I Start?"

The easiest and safest way is with affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs (also called Referral Programs or Partnership Programs) are essentially commission-based income opportunities. With an affiliate program, you get paid for sending customers to other company's websites. Affiliate programs are widely believed to be the easiest way to start making money online.

Why affiliate programs?

**It's easy to find a program that you have a personal interest in.

** An affiliate program is like an apprenticeship. You're being paid to learn and no experience is required to become successful.

** Affiliate programs require little or no capital to get started. You can join most affiliate programs for free.

** Pick the right affiliate program to join and you'll get a good education.

** A good affiliate program will supply you with sales aids and teach you how to get your products seen online by millions.

** A good affiliate program will help you build an opt-inlist of repeat business.

Just follow these simple steps.

1. Find a good program that will give you a marketing education and a solid income stream.

2. Promote your affiliate program in the steps outlined in your training and make full use of sales aids.

3. Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once. Take your time. Pick a product or service and choose a few simple ways to advertise, keep track of those advertisments to see which ones perform the best, and then keep doing what works.
Rince and repeat with another affiliate product or service of your choice.

The key to success is to choose the right program, right from the beginning.

This simple plan is for you if:

A. You want to build a solid, long term business.

B. You don't want to throw away money chasing "pie in the sky" dreams.

C. You realize that making money online is like anything else in life.

You have to learn in order to earn.

Get started now. Big goals are accomplished one step at a time.

About the Author:
Michael Laleye is a part of the Plug In Profit Group responsible for helping thousands of people earn thousands in affiliate commissions every month! Michael has developed A site where you can find work at home ideas and opportunities from the most respected and best paying affiliate companies online.

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