Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Internet Business Success For Newbies

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In this article I'd like to give some points on the steps that any new internet entrepreneur can use to make money on the internet. Also, to show that it is easier than you may think to to start your own internet business.

By simply having access to the internet you have a huge advantage, couple that with freedom of choice and you are on your way. In a capitalist society this freedom of choice is the difference between living the life of your dreams or working a 9-5 job the rest of your life. The hard work and commitment that you will have to put into yourself and your business is not much to ask when faced with these choices.

The main problem for newbies to internet marketing is that no matter how good the opportunity might be, the new internet entrepreneur might complain about the amount of real work required to reap the benefits of residual profit and making money on auto-pilot. Taking your business into your own hands is the only way to success for any business person, because if you don't who else will?

"I don’t know how to do this! The tutorials are not enough! I need to be spoon fed!"

If everybody who started a business online had this attitude there would be no self made millionaires, billionaires, or successful entrepreneurs in this world today.

It's obvious that there are many success stories of those who have made their fortunes online and continue to reap the benefits of the choice to start an online business, to this day. Do you want it badly enough?

You simply have to get your hands dirty and put in the effort to sit down for a few ours and learn, otherwise you won't get anywhere. The internet is such a great tool for research where you can find tons of resources, forums, and even mentors to assist you. With an internet connection there really is no excuse for not learning and applying if you're able to.

It’s what they call an Information Highway, that’s the basis of the internet and why it was created, and it’s still the driving force behind the technology.

By focusing on being a middle man between buyers and sellers by providing valuable information to the buyer on behalf of the seller. In this way you can make a lot of money online.

here are 10 easy steps:

1. Find and target a hot profitable market with money to spend before you start
(you might have head this before, but it still works)

2. Get a market-generic domain name that’s catchy and memorable.

3. Create a website to serve this market with information and content. Strive to brand yourself in your market with your website.

4. With your information and content, add in recommended quality resources that SOLVE the market’s problems (resources must be targeted to your market, obviously.) Affiliate marketing works the best at this point.

5. Always strive to capture leads and build a database for future correspondence and contact with your market.

6. Focus on marketing, advertising and driving traffic to your website once it’s all set up to profit. FOCUS ON THIS!

7. Communicate regularly with your list for goodness sake. Some people don’t email their lists. I do it often :-)

8. Test, tweak and increase conversion of your website with better copy, multimedia and graphics etc.

9. Create your own products in this market. Information products are tops.

10. Start an affiliate program and MARKET your affiliate program

Rinse, repeat and replicate.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

When Family and Friends Do Not Take Your Home Business Seriously

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If you are working from home, then you know that trading in the cubicle or closet sized office space for your spare bedroom or garage is a blessing. No lengthy commute, bad coffee, endless meetings to attend, and snotty coworkers whose ineffectual work ethic and incompetence have been the bane of your corporate existence; furthermore, no longer are you at the beck and call of a boss who seems to have great ideas and rush deadlines 15 minutes before quitting time. Yet even though you are happy and making a decent living with your home based business, you have found that the one fly in the ointment is the reaction of your friends and even family who at times do not take your business serious, or may actually deride it in some way.

How often do you have to field phone calls from friends or family members who need a last minute babysitter during the week, essentially communicating to you that while they are off earning a living, you are at home, living a life of leisure. How often has your spouse asked you to take Fluffy to the vet, pick up the dry cleaning, and take junior to volleyball practice while she or he is attending a seminar and has a tee time scheduled with the boss immediately afterwards? Does your best girlfriend pick your crunch times to call you for relationship advice and to cry on your shoulder when Mr. Wonderful turned out not to be so wonderful after all? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then the odds are good that there is a lack of respect for your work somewhere in your circle of friends and family. Yet have you been at the center of your friends’ and family’s inability to give your business its due?

For example, when you speak of your business, do you discuss it with pride, or do you permit embarrassment and false modesty to make it sound like a half fast effort you are running in between watching daytime soaps? Conversely, do you speak of your business with a pride of ownership and a firm sense of accomplishment?

Do you keep business hours during which you let the answering machine get your calls or do you permit yourself to be at anyone’s beck and call throughout the day? If you must answer the phone or if you are caught off guard by a parent with kids in tow who is hoping you won’t say no to a babysitting assignment when the child is right there, do you find it impossible to politely but firmly refuse? While this scenario is a tough one, remember that the parent is intruding on you, not on any of her or his otherwise employed friends or family members. By way of making a concession, offer to take your lunch early, like in the next 30 minutes, to enable the parent to use your home phone to set up other babysitting arrangements while you entertain junior. Inform your friend that once the 30 minutes are up, you will once again need to work and thus will not be able to spend any more time with the child. This usually gets the message across. Remember that your business will only be taken as serious as you will take it!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Home Business: How To Get Started Even If You Have Limited Capital

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According to experts, one of the easiest ways to start your own home business is to use whatever skills you have and whatever resources at your disposal. Yeah, such advice does not really sound appealing at first to most of us who wants to make some drastic changes in our lives. However, if we really take a closer look into it, such advice is actually very practical and workable. Employing whatever skills you have at present means you do not need to spend a lot of time, money and efforts to learn new things. On the other hand, using whatever resources you have can help you get started with your home business even if you have limited financial resources.

Putting Your Skills Into Proper Use

Before you start your own home business, you need to make an inventory of your present skills. Know your strengths and your weaknesses. If you are still employed at present but is planning to quit your job as soon as your home business is up and running, you might want to consider using the skills that you have learned at work for your own home business. Note that doing similar things in and outside of the office will make it easier for you to adjust to your role as a business person. Yeah, doing the same things at the workplace and at home can be quite a drag but if you really want to succeed in your own home business, you must find the softest entry point into a certain industry. In most cases, the softest entry point to certain industries is through the use of the skills you learned at the workplace and the use of the contacts that you established while you are still working for your boss. However, since you are still employed, take care not to steal business from your boss or else you will end up without a job and without a stable home business. Note that your boss will not take it kindly if he or she knows that you are stealing his or her clients right under his or her nose so be careful.

When Should You Quite Your Job?

Quitting your job is a big decision to make especially if you have a family to think about. Before you quit your job, make sure that your home business is already stable. Stable here means that you have enough money to run your business for the next six months. If you still do not have enough money to run your business for the next six months, for get about quitting your job. You don’t really want your family to end up getting hungry.

On the other hand, if you really want to quit your job to concentrate on your home business even before you have enough money to keep your family well provided for in the next six months, you should discuss your plans thoroughly with your spouse and enlist his or her support. If both you and your spouse have jobs, ask your spouse to continue working on his or her job while you try to make your home business make money.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Residual Income Affiliate Business Opportunities In Technology

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Creating a business in the technology sector is as easy as it has ever been before. Many of the services within the technology sector such as internet, wireless phone, and web hosting services used to be monopolized by large corporations such as AT&T, and Go Daddy. Now, with the advent of affiliate marketing it is possible to create your own residual income business opportunity in technology. As an affiliate you can get paid to provide services in the technology sector such as web hosting, cellular phone service, and internet services through your own company while never having to do any customer service, and making monthly residual income from the sales your business generates.

If you are unfamiliar with this type of online business, chances are you have become interested in a product or even made a purchase from an affiliate website. Companies who want to increase their presence online pay a commission to others to advertise and entice web surfers to visit the company's site, sign-up for membership, or encourage people to purchase products from the company. This is called affiliate marketing.

Residual income is what everyone wants for the work they do. Who wouldn't love to be paid over and over for something they do once? It is possible through affiliate programs, but the key is understanding how to market effectively. Anyone can learn the secret to a residual income through marketing an affiliate program. Here are 3 examples of how you can make residual income in the technology sector as an affiliate.

Web Hosting - sooner or later everybody realizes they must have hosting and a domain name if they want to create a website for any purpose or have their business seen online. Becoming a reseller or an affiliate of an existing web hosting company online is a great way to turn a necessity into a profit machine. You can find affiliate programs online that will pay you not only once but up to $10 monthly for all of the clients you refer through your marketing. Promoting web hosting along with other services in the technology sector will allow you to create multiple streams of residual income.

Wireless Telephone Services - There are also affiliate programs online that promote cell phone services that are just as good as if you walked into a cell phone store, signed a cellular contract, and got a free phone, free ear piece, and carrying case. As an affiliate all of the customer services is handled for you. Your job is to promote your link to the cell phone promotion page. SFI has an affiliate program that allows you to make $19 monthly for signing up 1 retail customer for Wireless Telephone Service. If you set a goal and sign up 20 customers in a month you earn $760 per month as long as those individuals stay customers. The benefit of the work that you put into getting those 20 sign ups is that you will probably create more sales the next month solely based on last months efforts. What's more is that if you keep working at it you will simply pile upon your previous efforts. What's even better is that some affiliate companies give your customers the choice to sign up with any of the major providers and they can choose the phone of their choice and have it delivered. All you had to do was put your offer in front of them. You see, they are going to join anyway. The secret is getting them to join through you!

Internet Service Provider - Along with web hosting and cell phone services it is now possible for the little guy to become an internet service provider. You have the option of being a reseller for another company or you can also have a personalized website where you offer internet services under your own company name, but all the while having the customer service and maintenance of accounts taken care of by your host affiliate company. You'll need to do your research to find the company who offers the best features along with the most desirable compensation package. You'll want to avoid companies that only pay you once for your sign ups but opt for those that will pay you for your customers for years down the road or as long as the person remains a customer.

It is easier than ever before to create a residual income for yourself in the technology sector as long as you remember that your affiliate business will succeed if you start with a good foundation. A foundation offers a stable platform for the business to stand upon. It consists of learning about internet marketing, learning from those who are already successful, and setting up a time line for success as well as a marketing strategy. The foundation of a business needs to be built. It has to be strong and it requires work. In order to build a good foundation a person must understand the basis of residual income and understand that it takes work to get the ball rolling.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Home Business Ideas: Affiliate Marketing

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One Internet business that many people are involved in is affiliate marketing. If you are unfamiliar with this type of online business, chances are you have become interested in a product or even made a purchase from an affiliate website. Companies who want to increase their presence online pay a commission to others to advertise and entice web surfers to visit the company's site, sign-up for membership or a newsletter, or encourage people to purchase products from the company. This is called affiliate marketing.

There are many ways to advertise for another company. You can create a website, blog, newsletter, ebook, and other materials that are used to encourage people to place an order directly with you or visit the company website and place an order there. By using the links you provide, you will receive credit for each sale you make. At the end of the month, you will receive payment for every customer you direct to the company's site who makes a purchase. While companies offer different commissions, the marketing strategies are the same.

If you enjoy using the Internet, are able to find groups of people to target your marketing efforts with, and are able to write convincing copy that sells, this home business is very easy to get into. Because you can use the same strategies over and over, you do not need to learn new skills after learning the basics. Many companies offer training and other incentives for joining their programs. Once you have created a marketing campaign, you will begin to earn money during the day, in the evening, and while you are sleeping. Because people surf the Internet at different times, you can potentially make a profit at any time.

When choosing a company to work with, you should first review their terms, the commissions they are willing to pay, and also the types of products they are selling. If a product is too difficult to sell, then you won't make any money. While you want to work for a company that is known, you don't want to work for a company that is so well known that people will automatically visit the company site instead of looking for it online.

The best part about affiliate marketing businesses is that you can join two or three programs and make commissions from several companies at one time. As long as you are marketing each product, you will earn money. While some companies do not want their affiliates to work for other companies, many understand that you need to earn a living and will not care which companies you work for. As a rule, try to find companies that are diverse so there is not a conflicting.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting Started With Work At Home Business Ideas

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Before you can go anywhere with your home based business, you need to have a solid concept of exactly what you want your business to be about. If you don't have any ideas at all, there are tons of ways to make your decision, and even if you have a general idea, there are also ways to narrow your focus to a more reasonable scope.

Searching online is one of the best ways to see what business ideas are most popular. There are hundreds of sites by companies looking for people to work from home selling their products. There are also tons of sites dedicated to listing the most popular home business ideas. Both of these are good ways to learn about what is and isn't going to sell online. The main objective is to choose a general concept that you will enjoy and that you are willing to put work into.

Once you have chosen the general area you wish to market yourself under, it is time to do some more research. Under each general heading there are dozens of different products and services you can choose from. One example would be healthcare as a general topic. Within healthcare there are nutritional supplements, personal training, and customized diet solutions. Each of these is a product or service that pertains to healthcare. Just starting out, it would be impossible for you to try to market all of these products and services at once, but as your business grows you will have tons of opportunity to make affiliations and offer more and more products and services.

These same concepts hold true for nearly every industry. That is why it is important to choose your business idea with growth and expansion in mind. Start out with one small piece of an industry, and continue to grow and develop until you have a way to offer all of the popular products and services, or at least have an affiliation with someone that can cover the things that you don't have. This way your customers will return time after time rather than going somewhere else that has more to offer.

Ultimately the best method for starting your home business is to start small and work big. By isolating one small piece of an industry you are placing yourself in a niche which you can grow from. Trying to start out by selling all of the products and services available is a much greater risk as you business becomes all or nothing. To get a few general ideas of the industry you wish to be a part of, look online for the top home business ideas. Pick an industry and then begin doing research on particular products or services you can offer.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Working From Home Still Means Work

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Many people confuse the concept of working from home with staying at home and doing nothing all day. The opportunities available are called work at home businesses because they require work. It may not be as tedious or as mundane as some other jobs you have had in the past, but when you work at home, generally if you do not work, there will be no pay.

It requires a high level of self-motivation to get up and go to work, especially when there is no one holding you accountable for getting to the job on time and getting your work done when you say it will be done. Self-discipline has to be an extremely high level and if you cannot convince yourself of the need to work on a daily basis, working at home may not be the best option for you.

Many, many individuals who find themselves out of work, start looking into job opportunities for which they can stay at home and still make money. Many of them have no business even considering their own business, especially if they have trouble getting to work on time, or a history of leaving early. There are many online resources that offer minimal work for maximum pay, but rarely do these opportunities exist in anything other than the online advertisements seeking donations to someone else’s vacation funds.

Before considering a work at home business, you need to take an objective look at your work history and work ethic. Even without a large amount of experience and knowledge of the internet or internet businesses, people with the discipline to work on their own with no supervision, can thrive with an online business. Those who went to a job and were told what to do and when to do it, may not be the best type to attempt making a living at home.

A person working at home has the same responsibilities of paying the bills and putting food on the table and for some that can be a good motivator. For others it is simply an inconvenience, especially if another family member is bringing in a steady paycheck. If they choose to watch a movie or leave the house for a few extra hours, their pay will suffer if they do not produce. Additionally, their reputation among online clients will also suffer and they may soon find a need to return to the traditional workforce.

Those who see working at home as an opportunity to sit around and do very little all day, should consider working for someone else. On the other hand, a person who has a job but has need for little supervision and can make all their own decisions in regards to the company with which they work, may be a good candidate for owning their own at home business.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Tips For Cost Effective Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay per click advertising is one of the fastest ways to targeting prospective customers to your business products or services. A website can contract with one of the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN and bid on keywords. When a person using the search engine enters one of the keywords in the search box, their ad pops up on the search results page as a sponsored ad. Here are some tips to make sure your ad is seen above your competition.

Know Your Niche
Knowing your niche when it comes to pay per click advertising involves knowing what search terms surfers are most likely to type into an internet search engine when looking for a site such as yours. Coming up with as many phrases that describe your website or your product or service is your most handy tool. With this basic list of keywords that describe your niche market you can then proceed to use the internet to help you find more words or phrases that you might not have thought of to add to your list. You can also find derivatives of the main words you thought up to give you a broader scope of keywords to bid on. To find free tools to use online to assist you simply type in "keyword too" into any search engine.

Pick Low Competition Keywords
The world of pay per click advertising is very competitive and the words you might want to bid on can be out of your budget. The key is to find the low competition variations of your main keyword that are less popular and therefore will cost less. The best tool one can have when looking for low competition keywords in their niche is a keyword analyzer software which can be purchased or found for free online. Some keywords tools are very good for doing pay per click research because they not only give you a list of alternatives for any search word you enter, they will also display the number of searches for that keyword and the number of campaigns already running for the keyword phrase you entered. This gives you a good view of what words you can bid on without going over budget, and also allows you to find keywords to bid on that are uncharted, meaning they get a good number of monthly searches but there are no campaigns running for that keyword. Without a keyword analyzer tool you can also find out how many campaigns are running for any keyword by simply typing the word into in the search engine and counting the ads.

Write Engaging Ads
Pay per click ads are typically less than 125 characters. You don't get lots of ad space to sell, so the object is to get into your customers head and ask yourself how they will benefit from your product or service. Listing a benefit in the form a question is a good way to engage those who view your ads. Some search engines such as Google allow you to score points through relevancy to search terms. Meaning the more relevant your ad is, based on how many times it is view verses how many it is clicked, the higher your ad will be on the list of ads bidding for that keyword. Using your main keyword in the title of the ad and in the ad itself will show your ad as having the exact phase that surfer searched for and thus increases the likeliness that they will click through to your web page.

Test Your Ads
Once you've written an add and included the keywords you'd like to bid on, your next step is to write a different ad and run it along side your first ad to test which one gets more click through's or sales. Once you've found this out, write another one and try and beat your previous stats. This will eventually lead to you having the best ads possible. Most pay per click companies will allow you to run two ads simultaneously, sharing the account funds to each and displaying each ad to same number of times.

Once you have a few pay per click campaigns under your belt this system for choosing the right keywords and creating relevant ads will become routine. Done the right way pay per click advertising can be a very cost effective way to promote any online venture you are involved in.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How To Generate Environmentally Friendly Small Business Ideas

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Recently in the news and on television there has been a rising awareness of the plight of our environment and global warming as well as a number of great ways to combat this crisis and create a healthier planet. There are even television programs geared to showing people how to make their homes more environmentally friendly while saving money at the same time. This growing earth friendly trend can create great opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start a small business in this niche. Think about the number of hybrid cars being sold in the last few years as opposed to 5 years ago and that should give you some indication of how popular a topic the environment is. The Organic Trade Association did a study showing sales of non-food organic products reached $744 million to U.S. consumers in 2005. Keep in mind that any emerging trend in the media or society at large is an opportunity that can create a fortune for a savvy entrepreneur.

There are many areas in the green market that you can take the opportunity to profit from, from energy saving appliances such as light bulbs, organic clothing and apparel, solar panels that can be used to charge i-pods or laptops, hybrid cars, earth friendly cleaning supplies, recycled computers and cell phones and so on. As with any business venture the key is to find a niche that you can be passionate about. Passion is important because without it it will be all too easy to put other things before your business, and hinder your own success. So choose a part of the green market that you may already incorporate into your everyday life or something you've had your eye on but just haven't take the time to see it through.

To ensure success with your environmentally friendly small business venture you'll want to do your market research on the products or services you will be promoting so that you can give your customers valuable and practical information that keeps them coming back to you for more. You might even want to promote complimentary products to your customers who buy and keep in contact with them through an e-mail newsletter that keeps them informed of environmental issues and products as they arise. This is also a great way to promote new products to people who have already expressed an interest in an earth friendly lifestyle. Creating a website or blog to promote your business on the internet is a great starting point.

The green market is one that is growing at great speed and will continue to be a hot topic in the news and in society at large, especially with many governments realizing that they need to cut back on their use of foreign oil in favor of renewable forms of energy such as ethanol, wind power, and solar energy amongst others. This is a perfect opportunity if you can carve your own niche because you will be able to help yourself, your customers, and our planet!

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