Monday, October 30, 2006

How To Guarantee Increased Traffic To Your Website

Earning large amounts of money on the internet takes some
dedicated effort. You will need to work hard consistently on
your home based affiliate business for it to be successful. On
average, you will need at least a year to build and grow
your internet business. There is a common
misconception that you can earn instant cash in internet
marketing. As a result, people give up easily and quickly.

At the start of your home based affiliate business, you will
need to set out your goals and the action plan for achieving
these goals. Hard work, patience, focus and determination
are some of the essential traits which you will need to have
in order for you to grow your internet marketing business.

The good news is that there are proven ways of growing your
business which if applied consistently, can bring you all
the success you want.

The success of your home based affiliate business depends on
traffic. The more traffic you have, the more sales you make.
It's that simple. Your internet marketing business will not
survive without traffic.

So what strategies can you use to drive traffic to your

· Visibility on search engines. Search engines can send
traffic to your website - and you must build your online
presence by having as many links to your website as
possible. You can get reciprocal links. This can be
automated by using various tools/software. One way links can
be created by submitting articles with your URL and
participating in forums etc. As the links back to your
website increase, the major search engines will start
sending traffic to your website.

· Article writing and submitting. This is one of the most
effective and cheap way of driving targeted traffic to your
website. Write useful articles related to your home based
affiliate business and distribute them online. As they get
picked up by various directories and search engines, you
will see an increase in traffic to your website.

· Build your list.
To be successful with your home based affiliate business, you
will need to have a huge list. Offer an ezine or ecourse on
your website so that your visitors can subscribe to it. Or
have a form on your website offering some free ebooks, so
that the visitors can leave their email addresses. Keep
regular contact with your list and give them any 'free
stuff' you may have. Show your list that you care. Regular
contact with your list will build trust, and they will soon
be your customers.

· Participating in relevant forums.
Participating in relevant forums means helping people who
are your potential customers. Your posts on the forum will
have your signature with your URL, and this is an effective
way of increasing targeted traffic to your website which
will increase your sales.

· Google Adwords.
During the initial stages of building your home based
affiliate business, Google Adwords is effective at sending
traffic to your website. You will however need to select
your key words and bid for them effectively for this
strategy to be viable for you.

These 5 methods of driving traffic to your website are
effective, but you will need to apply them constantly, and
soon, you will be getting many visitors on your website.
Many visitors mean more sales which means higher profit for
your internet marketing business.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Engaging in a Profitable Home Business

Not all home based business are profitable. Many of those who tried setting up a home based business found themselves at a loss and ended up closing down. Engaging in a profitable home business requires skills and a lot of patients, not to mention funds that can be used a capital. However, if you do you homework and invest enough time, effort and capital into your business, chances are you will reap some profits a few months after.

What can be considered profitable home business? Depending on you skills and present circumstances, you can always find a profitable home business that is suited for you. They key to finding this business is to take an inventory of what you have in terms of skills and resources. After conducting your inventory of what you have, study you target market. You might ask, what is a target market? Despite the somewhat intimidating term, target market simply mean the people whom you think will buy the goods or services you want to offer. So your task is identify these people who will serve as your market and find out their buying habits. Why do you need to know their buying habits? You are selling goods and services right? If you are selling or offering something, you should have a working knowledge as to how much and how often your target will buy such goods or services you will offer. For instance, if you are offering gardening services, you should be able to identify people who have gardens, what plants they want to have in their gardens and at what time of the year can you expect to sell your services to them.

After identifying your target market, identify your competitors. Your competitors could be your gauge as to how profitable the industry is. If there are many competitors who are doing really well in their business, you can safely say that this is a profitable home business. Usually, where most of your competitors are doing really well, this is an indication that there is still some room for you to start a business of the same nature.

What about the pricing of good of services, how does one go about it? The price of your goods and services play a big role in the success of your business. In order to have profitable home business, you should know the price, which your target market is willing to pay for your goods and services. Again, you gauge for your prices could be your competitors. Find out how much your competitors are changing their customers and compare their prices. If you are new and relatively unknown, it would be a good idea to peg your prices lower than those of the established businesses. People love good services but they also like to pay less for it so if you want to get into the boat of a profitable home business, start will lower prices.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Name No-No’s

Whether your business is a work at home Internet business or
staffs several hundred in a downtown skyscraper you’re going
to be online to succeed, and you’re going to have to come up
with a good business name and a good domain name. Here are
some things to avoid in naming your work at home online
business prior to setting up your Internet site.

The first mistake many new work at home online business
owners make is to ask for too much input on Internet site
and business name, from too many people. They tend to ask
family and friends what their new business’ name should be,
and what domain name it should have. The problem with this
is that not all will really understand the business idea or
the jargon involved in that business. The second reason to
avoid this consultative process is that you can only choose
one name. This means that the more people you ask the more
people you are going to disappoint – and perhaps even

It is far better to kick off the online and other aspects of
your work at home Internet business by asking the opinion
and business help of those few people who have been chosen
to have an integral management part of your venture. You
might pull these folks together and have a brainstorming
session which you all feed off each other’s ideas. That way
when the end results in a name each will feel like they’ve
been a part of giving you that idea.

Another entrepreneurial business naming error is to tack and
adjective together with a noun to come up with one word
former with a middle of the word capital letter. If, for
instance, your work at home Internet business were to offer
online sale of luggage at discount prices you might be
tempted to call it something like EconoPack. It’s bad for
two reasons. No one can look at that name and know what it
is you offer. Is it like a UPS store that offers shipping
services? The other disadvantage is that the domain name may
turn out to be or .net. Which, without a
capital P is even fussier. Luggage for Less would be a much
clearer name.

If you think of the new (in the last five years) work at
home Internet business start ups that have grown online to
become household names, you’ll see that they all took zingy,
snappy, lively names that differentiated themselves from
others and weren’t likely to be copied. They didn’t take
boring names that could be forgotten or worse yet, confused
with other companies. Yahoo is one example. It could have
been World Wide Search Engine instead. Google is another.
Monster is a great example of a name that is not only
memorable but suggestive of high volume, strength,
durability and vast reach. Monster could have been Online
Job Resource. What a blah name that would have been. All
these started out as work at home Internet business projects
by unknown online entrepreneurs. Their choice of business
and Web site names paid a large part in their ability to
brand themselves and thus to succeed.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Multi-Media Marketing for Money

More than most other online businesses, a home based
Internet marketing business requires experience and
training. There are some online home businesses, such as
medical transcription, data entry, word processing and
virtual call centers that you can start with some very basic
skills and a short bit of initial training. A home based
Internet marketing business is not one of these. While it’s
not essential that you have a four year degree in marketing
to succeed you must have some experience in marketing yours
or others firm and should have taken some classes in
marketing essentials.

If you’ve been a marketing specialist for another firm or
acted in a management capacity that required you to practice
some marketing job tasks, then you probably have a good feel
for what marketing is all about. Now you just need some
classes. For that you can go online if you prefer that to
classroom learning. Let’s take a look at some of the courses
that will train you for a home based Internet marketing

One 55 hour course, for example, is $99 at one online
training facility we found. Courses include tips on
advertising on the Web, building the client’s marketing
strategy, developing your e-business, customer service,
taking online payments, starting your home based Internet
marketing business, e-commerce influences and strategies,
writing and designing great applications, keeping business
costs to a minimum for yourself as well as your client,
managing and marketing your own e-business, the ins and outs
of data mining and real time, as well as planning client

The four hour course about Internet advertising is the kick
off course for your home based Internet marketing business
training. Here you’ll get a good overview of the various
advertising options for your client when he or she markets
on the Internet. The course objectives are to train you to
promote your clients’ business on the Web, to plan the
firm’s advertising campaign, to find your own customers, to
compare the pros and cons of the various forms of
advertising for your clients and to learn where Internet
advertising is headed.

Building marketing strategy is one of the more essential
courses for your home based Internet marketing business. In
this online class you’ll learn a complex overview of the
various marketing tools and options for your clients’ online
business as well as your own. You’ll learn about outside
promotion and data mining. Specific training includes
identification of effective promotion in a face to face
environment and a description of the relationship between e-
commerce and public relations. In the five hour course
you’ll also find out what niche marketing is all about and
how it can help your client and your own home based Internet
marketing business.

The E-business development course gets down to the basics.
You’ll learn what a virtual corporation is, what business
and marketing tasks you and your clients can and should
outsource, understand partnership pros and cons, and look at
the problems that can occur in an online business.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

MLM Power

Empowerism is a multi-level marketing firm and the dba for
the firm Life, Education And Prosperity, Inc. of Atlanta
Georgia. It is a new subscription program for entrepreneurs
that includes a monthly magazine (without any outside
advertising), 50 business leads a month, a prospecting tool
that is built in, and tools that will train you to succeed
in Internet marketing. Empowerism tools include your own
training center, training lessons that are delivered by e-
mail, and a message board. With this MLM you can learn to
earn a good income with bonuses. Your membership makes you a

The Empowerism site is e-commerce enabled for each
distributor’s customers so that they can asked for
information as well as order services and products that are
credited to the distributor. Information such as name, email
address, social security number, credit card numbers, bank
accounts and zip codes are secured. These users can opt-out
of emails at any time.

The magazine is called Excellent and its 20 or more pages
are full of tips and training on how to succeed in your
Internet based business. You can access your private
training center and view the magazine in PDF and print it if
you wish. Articles include Web site design, search engine
marketing and plenty of other marketing and traffic building

With your network marketing membership you’ll have a rotator
on your start page that will assist you in earning credits
on the start page programs of your choice. You’ll have a
submitter for search engines to add your site to as many as
25 URLs every month with one click. You’ll get automated
letters to send to your own members and more than 20 URLs
that redirect users back to your own site. Empowerism even
gives you 25 professional looking Web templates with eye
appeal. These you can download for whatever you wish to do
with them.

Your subscription includes a series of courses that will
teach you marketing, setting up and running a home based
business, setting goals and growing your business. These
come by e-mail. The Empowerism Web site that you get
includes tools to generate traffic. Some of these are free
while the others cost little. You can personalize an e-mail
to your downline that goes out as a group message. You’ll
have a management center for keeping track of prospect, a
great selection of e-books written by company trainers and
live training and support.

Empowerism’s Web site talks about access for consumers to
its products and services but we weren’t able to find any
product or service except sales of subscriptions to
Empowerism. In other words, the distributor makes her or his
money according to how many distributors s/he adds to her

The cost is $24.95 for the first month and $19.95 a month

Empowerism - Home Based Affiliate Business

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Starts That Won’t Stop You

When you start a home based business on the Internet – or anywhere else for that matter – there are commonplace mistakes to avoid. Here are some of these mistakes.

The first tip on what not to do when you start a home based business on the Internet is to concentrate not only on the product or service you are delivering but the business management aspects of your business as well. If, for example, you worked for someone else as a Web site designer, did a great job of designing a number of laudable sites and so decided to go out on your own and start a home based graphic design on the Internet you must know more than how to design the sites. You must know also how to choose your business name, write the content for the site or hire someone else to do it, advertise your service, set up and manage your accounting functions, perhaps even hire employees some day.

You must know how to set up your home office and how to manage the customer service and vendor contacts including payments and complaints. None of these things have anything to do with designing a great Web site but they all are crucial to starting a home based business on the Internet.

Many people make the mistake when they start a home based business on the Internet of taking on the wrong business partner either to gain additional finances or to increase and round out the firm’s business expertise. Some of these business partners are friends, former colleagues or family members. Most of the time these partnerships crash and burn, bringing about the additional disadvantage of ruined personal relationships as well. Before bringing in a partner to help start a home based business on the Internet consider other financial resources and the use of consultants.

Sometimes starting a home based business on the Internet doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch, and sometimes it shouldn’t mean that. If you haven’t done your market research you may not realize that the market won’t support your product. The product may not be workable, may not have a large enough market, or the market might be saturated. There are times when the best start is buying into a proven franchise or buying out someone else who has made a success and for some sound reason such as retirement or illness, wants to sell their proven and lucrative firm.

Some entrepreneurs start a home based Internet business but dream small dreams. They stop at the point where they are making a decent wage instead of aiming for the entrepreneur stars.

Many start a home based Internet business by undercutting those that are already out on the Web with similar products. While that may be a sound way to start it can’t generally continue or you’ll always be fighting a battle to make a living wage and may be forced to cut quality corners, or reduce advertising and marketing tactics in order to turn some sort of meager profit. One of the best ways to compete on the Web is to offer great customer service, to go beyond anonymity to warm relationships with your customers. If you start a home based business on the Internet treating your customer as if she or he is the only one that counts, you’ll have repeat business and well on your way to netpreneurial success.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How To Start A Real Home Based Affiliate Business
On The Internet

A real home based affiliate business has to comply with the
same legal regulations as an Internet business from any
other location. Here are the basic legal issues with which a
real home based affiliate business owner must be familiar.

The first issue, and a real concern for any home based
affiliate business is the restriction based on age. The U.S.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) follows the regulations
spelled out in COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy
Protection Act, and requires that children under the age of
13 cannot disclose their personal information unless a
parent consents to it. Children under the age of 18 cannot
be allowed to view adult content on the Internet, nor can
they enter into any contract.

Real time occurrences on the Web, such as chats, must be
controlled by the home based Internet business owner.
Bulletin boards would have the same control issues. The
rules of using each should solicit and retain the consent of
each online user to refrain from posting pornography,
defamatory material or anything that infringes on others’
rights. Your company should also clearly state on its site
that you are not liable for other users that commit to
following your policies and guidelines but subsequently
violating them.

To make real your ownership of all property and content on
your home based affiliate site you’ll need a
copyright notice on the site’s footer. The notice should
have the date and your name and the statement “All rights
reserved.” A real copy of your home based affiliate business
Internet site should be field with the U.S. copyright office.
This will effectively record ownership of the contents of the
site, as well as its look and its feel.

Your site’s domain name is an important part of the branding
and marketing for your affiliate business. It is best to tie
that domain name as closely as possible to your logo, your
brand and your business name. Carefully choose a domain name
that clearly conveys the products or services of your real
home based affiliate business. Register your domain name as
a trademark and you can retain ownership should it be
challenged by another business.

If your site is on the World Wide Web then you must comply
with export regulations. If you sell goods over the Internet
to these global consumers then you are exporting items for
sale and entering into international countries. If your site
is encrypted then you are exporting to other countries U.S.
Department of Commerce and Defense technology. There are
many U.S. federal agencies that have regulations in force
for doing business with other countries, and the times and
circumstances that require a firm to get an export license
to send information, technology or goods abroad.

There are countries with whom business transactions are
limited severely for U.S. firms. These countries are Cuba,
Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria and Yugoslavia. The best
decision about the real problems you might encounter for
your home based Internet business doing business with these
countries and/ or its residents should be made with your

A Real Home Based Affiliate Business You Can Start
On The Internet Today!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Top 10 Home Based Businesses

If you are just starting to use the internet and are looking to make some money, here are the top 10 home businesses that you might consider.

1. Affiliate programs. In an affiliate program, you mostly act as a middleman between your partner company and the buying public. You will be promoting the goods and services that your partner merchant company sells, and in return you will receive a percentage of the sales you generate. Alternatively, you can also advertise your partner merchant’s site, and will be paid according to the number of people who you can redirect.

2. Paid Surveys. All companies who wish to stay competitive have to conduct market research. The internet allows these companies to conduct these surveys at a reduced cost. If you fit the demographic profile that is required for a particular survey, you may choose to participate and be compensated accordingly. While most paid surveys do not pay much, participating in a bunch of them is a good way to make some extra money.

3. E-mail processing. You will be asked to perform a few tasks concerning an e-mail, or a group of e-mail messages. You will most likely be paid according to the number of e-mails you process. Another easy job that just about anyone can do.

4. Home Data Entry. Home data entry is considered to be a great work-at-home opportunity, and it definitely deserves a spot in the top 10 home businesses. You will be doing mostly clerical work, inputting information that your clients will require. However, this sort of job usually pays well, provided that you can find a good employer.

5. Typing. This is a pretty straightforward job. People who do not have the time or the inclination to type their work may ask you to do it for them. Of course, you will receive a fee for completing such jobs. Considering that this job doesn’t require too much skill from the outset, it could be a great way to earn a little extra cash.

6. Medical Transcription. In medical transcription, you will be asked to type out on paper what doctors have recorded on tape. This particular work-at-home opportunity requires a little bit of training. A basic knowledge of medical jargon is required.

7. Legal Transcription. In legal transcription, you will be asked out to type on paper what lawyers have recorded on tape. Like medical transcription, this requires some training. An understanding of legal terms is often necessary.

8. Online Store. If you have something to sell, you can set up an online store on your website.

9. Call Center Agent. In the booming call center agency, there are many positions that are open to people who can speak English (or any of the major foreign languages) well. As long as you are willing to undergo some training and work at specified hours, you are most likely qualified to work in this growing industry.

10. Miscellaneous Freelance Work. If you have a salable skill that commands a price outside, then it is probably a skill that you can sell online as well.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Help Yourself Help Others

Since there are so many thousands of entrepreneurs giving up
their full time employment to explore their own Internet
home based business idea, one successful Internet home based
business idea may well be to help them succeed.

What we’re suggesting is starting a business support
service, one that helps these netpreneurs take their
Internet home based business idea and see it to fruition.
You might offer services that include dictation,
transcription, desktop publishing, typing or word
processing, writing, editing, proofreading, ghostwriting,
designing spreadsheets, answering the phone, delivering or
forwarding mail, packaging and shipping, database
management, billing, accounts payable, bookkeeping, resume
services, photocopying and faxing, notarizing, Web research,
Web page design and oversight, planning events, training
staff, and a myriad number of consulting services.

Secretarial services of decades past involved typing,
answering the phone and taking dictation by shorthand. Today
the services are far more complex. Business support services
have become a top notch Internet home based business idea as
the complexities and technology involved in serving these
exponentially growing small businesses lead to fewer and
fewer adequately trained full time employees. Small
employers, especially home-based typically don’t need full
time employees, nor do they want to involve themselves in
the complexities of employment law and taxation regulations.
Business support service is an excellent Internet home based
business idea because it is much needed and in much demand
by these start up business owners who are just learning
their way around the proprietorship and Internet business

While typing and dictation are still important functions in
the working world, other newer services have evolved as
equally or probably more important services, and your idea
to offer business support as an Internet home based venture
should include desktop publishing, Web research and
proficiency with spreadsheet software such as Excel. While
you can specialize as part of your business support services
the greater proficiency you have in the various office
software products and equipment the better chance you have
of landing new and repeat clients.

There are two important factors in getting your Internet
home based business idea off the ground. The first is to
prepare yourself by training in the equipment and
applications you will offer. The second is to find your
potential clients. Since your business idea is to support
others who have their own Internet based home business idea
your potential leads might be very easy to find. In fact,
they may hang out at the same places you do – the community
college business start up classes, the local Small Business
Development Center, the Chamber of Commerce get togethers
and perhaps even Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)
seminars or meetings. There are many opportunities here to
subtly let others know you are willing to support their new
business idea’s start up and kick off your own business as

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Learn to Earn

One of the major points, besides making lots of money, of
having an Internet home work income business is to be in
charge of your life. An Internet home work income business
is about working the schedule you want to work, wearing the
wardrobe you want to wear, setting up the home office you
want to have, and being your own boss. While no one (or at
least no one legitimate) would ever tell you that an
Internet home work income business is a breeze to start and
make a lot of money at, those who have been there and done
that and succeeded will tell you it’s wonderfully
stimulating and satisfying – no matter what the financial

Financial outcome, however, is an important factor in any
business, including an Internet home work income business.
Training is one of the major factors in succeeding at any
business, whether online or not, home or corporate. There
are some things you must know about running a business in
general, and working in your business’ industry in
particular, if you are to earn the income from your Internet
home work business that you desire.

One organization that offers online training dubs itself a
business university. While it is a multi-level marketing
firm and you’ll be buying from someone who has their own
Internet home work income business, it does offer
substantial business help at a reasonable cost. With the
help of this school you can train on your computer from
home. Topics include sales, leadership, self-improvement,
communication, finance and real estate, among others. The
initial entry fee is a mere $2 and that gets donated to the
Save the Children fund.

What you’ll get for $2 is two weeks of complete access to
the school’s curriculum. If after that period you’d like to
continue the cost is about $50 a month. Courses are
streaming video and audio and there’s an e-mail lesson once
a week and workbook that is downloadable. An audio MP3
presentation can be downloaded as well.

An achievement program is also part of the package and
included in this is a daily (Monday through Friday) lesson
on many business topics. You’ll also get invitations to
teleseminars presented by entrepreneur and executives as
well as entry into 20 archived seminars.

Free bonuses with a value exceeding $800 are part of this 14
day package. Courses include speed reading, tax reduction
tips and success in Internet marketing.

If you would choose to join the multi-level marketing firm
and become a distributor offering this program to others,
you’ll be given a free Web site with administrative tools to
keep track of those who join under you. You’ll also
participate in a two week boot camp that will teach you step
by step through e-mail with audio how to make the most money
from your Internet home work income business.

There are several programs on the Web that offer this kind
of training and some, such as this, that train you and also
offer you additional income while you’re growing your own
Internet home work income business.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to Successfully Work At Home with Your Own Home Business

To own your home business and to work at home are the two
most often uttered phrases when an employee is asked what
they would love to do instead of going to work every day.
Perhaps it is the sense of accomplishment that goes hand in
hand with owning a home business, or maybe it is the joy of
being at home in familiar surroundings while still doing
work that will earn you a check. Whatever the case may be,
successfully working at home with your own home business is
not something that happens by chance but instead something
that needs to be planned.

Here are some tips on working at home with your own

Set up a home office. Working at home has many perks, but if
you do not have a dedicated work space, you will not be able
to enjoy them very much. After all, your business’
credibility will suffer if prospective customers hear the
Disney channel in the background. Set apart some work space
that will allow you to close a door or at least to be
undisturbed by whatever goes on in another part of your

Set some office hours and stick to them. It is tempting to
devote every waking hour to your new business, but keep in
mind that doing so will not only lead to a quick burnout,
but it will also counteract any positive experiences you
could have while working at home – such as spending more
time with your family, actually cooking them a nutritious
breakfast, or being home and available when the school bus
drops off the kids. It is not fair to your family to work
during off hours!

Be innovative, think outside the box, and do not be afraid
to try something new.
This is true especially when it comes
to marketing your new business! If, for example, you run a
pet grooming business and if you own a dog, go ahead and
dress the little canine up in a cute costume and then hand
out flyers at the local park.

Lean to say “no.” For reasons that may invite endless
speculation, when friends and family hear that you are now
working from home, many will take this as an open invitation
to drop by and visit, request that you watch their kids, or
run some errands. It is important to gently but firmly say
“no” when these requests fall during your business hours.
Remember, you took this step so you could be home with your
family! If you begin toying with your business hours to help
out everyone who asks, you will find yourself compromising
the time you have scheduled for your family!

As you can see, running a successful home business depends
on your ability to work at home undisturbed and with all the
discipline that working for an employer previously demanded.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tracking Traffic: Home Based Affiliate Businesses

One of the essential rules for home business Internet
marketing, and for marketing of any business, is to know if
the product or means you are using to market is working or
not. It’s amazing the number of entrepreneurs that spend
time and money on home business internet marketing and don’t
track it. By tracking we mean that they don’t keep track of
how and why people inquire about or buy their products and
services. They don’t know if the ad that they ran in the
paper is the reason someone called for their technical help,
or if the speech that they delivered at last week’s Chamber
of Commerce luncheon might have lured that new customer.

Home business Internet marketing is successful only if the
money and time spent on the effort to bring in new customers
and new revenues does not exceed the profit made from that
expense. A crucial part of determining Return on Investment
(ROI) is knowing what Internet marketing tool works for your
home business – and what does not.

Buying a home business Internet marketing analytic tool that
can help track results makes good business sense for
other reasons, one of which is to determine what users and
potential customers like about your Web site and what they
don’t. Home business Internet marketing analysis software
can tell you which pages were visited most frequently and
the common exit and entry pages.

Examples of Areas that Need Tracking:

A news paper add needs tracking to find out how many people
actually visit your site as a result of running the ad. If
you ran two articles in the same newspaper you could track
to see which one is better recieved by the public. Adminder
is a free online service that will track links back to your
website, where the link came from, and how many times it was

You need to track so you can spend your time and effort
doing what has
been proven, through tracking, to work.

Exit pages are important, because if the page that a large
number of consumers are exiting from is not the order
confirmation page than that tells you that something about
that page is driving users away from your site. Knowing
where you go wrong so you can correct it is a crucial piece
of Internet marketing information for your home business.
Knowing the entry page gives you an idea of which of your
home business Internet marketing tactics and resources

Most Internet monitoring tools let you know which browsers
and operating systems your site’s users have. You can find
out, for instance, how many have Macs, how many have Windows
based systems, how many use Internet Explorer and how many
use Netscape. You’ll be able to see if consumers are also
trying to navigate to “404” pages – those that no longer
exist. These broken links must be fixed quickly or the
message to these users is that your home business is not
efficient and you’ll have lost that marketing opportunity.

With these monitoring tools installed for your site you can
also keep track of your conversions (consumer visit that
results in a sale) and determine the source of the visit as
well as the path on your site that that buyer took to
complete the sale.

Nor are home business Internet marketing and tracking tools
costly. Some of the best software and services are priced at
a low $20 a month.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Plug In Profit Explained

Plug in Profit is a four year old firm and concept that
provides entrepreneurs with free Web sites as part of an
incentive to affiliate with the Plug in Profit site. Many
thousands of Plug in Profit affiliate business sites have
grown up in the last few years thanks to this program. The
marketing of owner Stone Evans is a key factor in the Plug
in Profit success. Evans markets on the Web constantly.
Search engine results for his or the Plug in Profit name are
nearly two million total.

The net marketing venture is multi-faceted, with four
programs going strong from the start. These are SF1, Host4
Profit, GetResponse and Internet Marketing Warriors. Two
newer programs, Empowerism and Traffic Swarm have been
equally successful early on. An entrepreneur can join any
Plug in Profit program at no charge. Once you’ve joined and
built your site you begin to bring in affiliates in your

Entrepreneurs who join any or all of the programs start to
see a profit right away. It generally takes 24 hours maximum
to have your Web site built and visible on the World Wide
Web. Each entrepreneur picks her or his own domain name and
provides her or his own log. This is prominently displayed
at the top of the home page. There is a hosting fee. The
PIPS program provides its distributors online marketing tips
and ongoing training developed for all skill and experience
levels. You’ll even be able to participate in a members-only
online forum to ask and answer questions.

Each entrepreneur has a chance to win valuable bonuses right
from the beginning of his or his Plug in Profit venture. You
might win software to help you market your new company,
advertising credits towards purchase of pay per click ads,
ad tracking applications and other marketing products. The
book by the founder, “30 Days to Success” is included in the
set up package. This day to day guide will help new
entrepreneurs succeed on the Web.

In Stone’s book you’ll learn how and where to advertise your
chosen Plug in Profit site and program on the Internet, how
to write Web articles that will promote your business
without your having to pay any advertising fee, how to grow
sales marketing in various forums and how to link your site
to thousands of others – and vice versa.

As a Plug In Profit netpreneur you can have your firm’s own
e-mail newsletter that will market your company for 400 days
in a row. This is given to you free of charge. Included is
an auto responder that works with GetResponse software.
Should you wish to eliminate the top of the newsletter
advertising, you can pay for the professional upgraded
newsletter version at a cost of $18 a month.

Your company’s Web site and newsletter marketing program is
very customizable, allowing each entrepreneur to change the
promotions and the look of the site and newsletter as she or
he wishes.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

5 Home Business Ideas for Pet Lovers

If you love pets, why not start a business that will allow
you to make money at the same time? Thousands of people
from all over the world have started pet based businesses.
And out of these people, many of them work at their pet
business on a full-time basis. If this is something that is
of interest to you, the first thing that you will need to do
is determine what niche of the industry you want to focus
on. There are many options available, and by finding the
right one you will be on the fast track to success in no
time at all.

Here are five home business ideas that pet lovers should
consider. Of course this is just a start, but these five
are among the most popular.

1. A pet sitting service will allow you stay in touch with
pets while also making money at the same time. People are
always looking for a way to have their pets cared for while
they are on vacation or on a business trip. A pet sitting
service is a great option for these people. And if you are
the only service in your area you may be able to garner a
lot of business right off the bat.

2. Being a dog walker is a solid home business idea for pet
lovers. You will probably not make a full-time living at
this job, but you can definitely make a bit of money as your
client base expands. For one reason or the next people do
not have the time to walk their dogs. If you can offer this
service at an affordable rate you can get a lot of regular

3. Pet photography is becoming very popular. If you have
the skills to start a pet photography business you can make
a very good living. More so today than ever before pet
photography is popular. Offering this service in a well
populated area can be quite profitable.

4. Make pet related crafts if you do not want to deal
directly with the animals. Crafts are selling great in
today’s day and age, and can be anything that you can
imagine. Believe it or not selling pet crafts can turn into
a profitable full-time business.

5. A lot of owners do not have the skills or patience to
train their dog. For this reason pet trainers are always in
demand. Offering this service at a good rate will allow you
to place yourself at the top of the industry.

Even though these are only five pet related business ideas,
there are many others that are doable. With a bit of
research you will find a home business idea that you can
incorporate into your love of pets.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Home Based Affiliate Businesses: Work Online!

Working at home is a dream for many, but not many understand
just how to get started. If you are looking to earn some
serious money apart from your regular job, consider working
online or starting your own home based affiliate business.

What are Home Based Affiliate Business Programs?

An affiliate business program is simply a program in which
you earn commissions by selling someone else’s
product or service. Alternatively, you can also earn money
by simply advertising for their site. If you choose to join
an affiliate business program on the internet, it would be
best if you had your own website, and ideally one that is
to selling the goods and services of your merchant partner.
In other words, it must be a site that caters to a specific
group of people, or a niche market. If people buy your
partner’s products through your site, you will receive a
percentage of the sale price.

When you work online and start your own home based affiliate
business, you are doing a very simple yet important thing –
taking charge of your financial future. It takes courage to
do so, for not many people can tolerate the uncertainty that
comes with the absence of a regular salary. However, if you
are serious about fulfilling your financial goals, you
definitely have to start a venture of your own. Otherwise
you will be tied down to a job for the rest of your life.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with holding down a
job. That’s an accomplishment in itself – not everyone has
jobs. However, if you are stuck with a job that does not
interest you, or nurture your personal growth, then you have
a problem. Basically, you will be making a trade-off between
your development and the money that you receive.

In the short-run, a job is a great solution to your
financial problems, but in the long-run it may prevent you
from taking advantage of the opportunities that come your
way. Once you’re used to doing the same type of work day
after day, you may begin to expect nothing else from life.
You get into a rut; and this rut so begins to take hold of
you that you don’t even realize that you’re in one. If you
feel a sense of unease concerning what you do from day to
day, or if you are simply bored with life, then you can be
sure that you are in a rut.

How does one break free of a rut? By doing something new,
something exciting, and something fresh! There’s an old
aphorism that says that “variety is the spice of life,” and
that’s true. If you’ve long wanted to start your own
financial venture, do it today! Starting a home internet
business is easy, and by working online you will begin to
experience the thrill of working for yourself.

Working for yourself can give you a new lease on life. After
many years of working to make someone else rich, wouldn’t it
be nice to apply all your skills and talents to making your
dreams come true? When you have your own home based
affiliate business and are working online, you will be in
complete control of your time, which ultimately means that
you are in control of your life. We all really have one life
to live, so don’t you think it’s a good idea to start living
the life you’ve always wanted?

Home Based Affiliate Business Ideas and Opportunities - Click Here

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home Based Hurdles

A home based business entrepreneur generally starts out
prepared with a business plan, plenty of capital, knowledge
of the product or service she or he is selling, a good Web
site, a marketing and advertising plan, and the means to get
the product or service to market.

What happens often, however, are eventualities that the home
based business entrepreneur simply did not think of. While
these can be annoying and worrisome, they don't necessarily
have to mean that the entrepreneur has to put aside his or
her home based business idea.

Two common issues that can arise in a home based business
are zoning restrictions and noisy neighbors. Someone may
have moved into an area before they decided to become an
entrepreneur and open a home based business. Now he or she
finds out the zoning may be a problem. He shouldn't panic.
The first thing is to check the zoning ordinances.

The primary issues with businesses based out of the home are
neighborhood disturbances caused by the business - clients
making noise, coming and going at all hours, taking up
parking space on the street. If an entrepreneur has a home
based business that does not typically have clients coming
by, there usually is not an issue. Examples of this might be
online store businesses, writers and editors, graphic
artists, virtual assistants, and services that go out to
their customers like landscapers and errand services.

Even if the entrepreneur should find out that the home based
business is restricted by zoning it's still quite possible
to talk to the neighbors, get their okay and then go through
the proper government channels to get a permit for
conditional use or a zoning variance.

Noisy neighbors can be a problem for an entrepreneur with a
home based business, and if it's just a question of loud
rock music the resolution is to ask nicely. If that doesn't
take care of it there are law enforcement options. If,
however, there are perfectly allowable things out of doors,
such as lawn mowers, a child care center down the street,
the neighborhood pool party, and so forth, that the owner
can't do much about there are things that help mute the
noise. Something as simple as rearranging furniture, or
lined and weather-stripped drapes could help considerably.

A more expensive option, but one that would allow the
entrepreneur to still view the beautiful outdoors while
working at her home business would be to replace the office
windows with new triple glazed ones that keep out noise.
Another alternative is to replace annoying sounds with
soothing ones - background classical music, or a fish tank's
gurgle can make a big noise difference.

Home Based Affiliate Business