Saturday, March 29, 2008

Internet Marketing Now Top Marketing Choice

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The marketing field has now opened up to include Internet marketing. Internet marketing is similar to marketing for other products or services. For those who are new to the Internet marketing field there are some simple ideas to help make it easier for you. We will explore those ideas in this article.

If you already have a business up and running and are looking for ways to increase business, it is not always best to add more products or services to your business. Maybe you need to change your marketing ideas and procedures that adding new products or services. A change to your marketing ideas can be easier on your budget than increasing products or services. It is much quicker to change marketing plans.

Always remember that customers can also be prospective customers. A smart business owner needs to stay in contact with former clients. By adding additional products or services you can have an opening to add these for former customers. It also easier to make sales to those with whom you have worked before.

When planning your marketing pitches make sure you do not use exaggerated claims. People have a tendency to shy away from advertisements that make bold claims. When this happens sales do not happen. It is better to bring your claims down to believable levels. In the same line of thinking, numerical claims are best expressed with odd numbers that have decimals or fractions.

A really good idea when developing marketing claims, come up with several at the same time. This series of marketing ideas should have different expiration dates. This allows you to run them one after another, giving you a new offer on a timeline. You can also keep customers coming back to see what new offer you are have. You can keep recycling them with out having to come up with new marketing ideas every month or so. If one of the offers doesn’t have the desired outcome you can always pull it and put up a new offer. This style of marketing gives you the freedom to offer discounts and bonuses at the same time.

If you find you are not attracting the type of clients that you want to attract, you might need to change your marketing style. It is important to attract clients that will benefit from your product or service. You also need to attract clients that can afford your product. It may take several tries before you find the exact marketing idea that works for your company.

An offer with an exclusive benefit to your customers will help your sales. This benefit should be something that your competition can’t or won’t offer them. A good example of this could be your e-mail address or cell phone number. A number of business owners do not want to be that accessible to their customers.

The majority of first contacts do not result in a sale. Your marketing plan should include a way to capture prospective clients’ names and contact information. This allows you to be able to contact them at a future date. These contacts are sure to let you make sales at some point. Different marketing ideas are available so you don’t have to stick with one or change them as needed.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Do Not Let Search Engines Blacklist Your Network Marketing Product Site!

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Which Internet marketer has not heard the horror stories of the multi level marketing (MLM) newbie who struck out for her- or himself without much help from an up line and probably also by disregarding each and every ounce of good advice offered by many a website and tutorial and instead built a website advertising the product or service for sale?

Yet to the fledgling marketer’s surprise, no hits are being registered and in spite of tweaking and pruning the site every which way from Sunday, the traffic is still only trickling in, most of it being accidental rather than targeted. The sad reality is simple: unbeknownst to the new network marketer, the lovingly crafted site she or he spent so much time working on was blacklisted! Do not let search engines blacklist your network marketing product site!

Granted, the fledgling marketer from the example above probably was not quite as pure as the driven snow and instead may have engaged, wittingly or unwittingly, in some rather shady online practices which most major search engines will view as an immediate reason to blacklist the site. Here are some examples:

* Perhaps the most egregious offense is the use of irrelevant keywords within the website’s metatags or even within the body of the site just to generate more hits. Thus, if you are working on promotion a network marketing product related to wellness, the inclusion of several highly searched key terms, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and various other ailments will get you blacklisted, especially if the wellness product is not at all tangentially related to any of these conditions.

* Submitting a website manually or automatically time and again to the same search engine is considered spamming. In the past it was done to ensure a higher ranking of the site, but with the modernization of the process, search engines are very sensitive to being spammed. Do it one too many times and your site will no longer be included in the search results.

* Beware the lure of the mirror site. Once again, this methodology is a blast from the past when it was thought to guarantee a higher ranking within the search engine’s ranking hierarchy. Yet with the advent of optimization procedures, mirror sites are considered to be a relic of the past and those who continue to utilize the technology that in the past allowed them to submit the exactly identical site with a different URL to a search engine will find that neither web address will be accepted.

There are a number of other tips, tricks, and schemes employed by those who design websites for their network marketing product. Do not fall for the lure of easy rankings at the expense of the integrity of your site. It is not just the search engine robots that catch on to your shenanigans, but it is also a more and more technologically astute populace that will realize your ploy and thus you will instantly lose a massive dose of credibility. This, in the Internet marketing business, is the death knell which must be avoided at all costs!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't Be Fooled By False Promises Of Riches

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Many of today's job offers attempt to entice people with the promises of hefty paychecks in exchange for very little work, but in most cases the promises only serve to make the person offering the position richer and the person accepting the job poorer. While there are many opportunities for making money in a home-based business, there are far more opportunities that simply do not and cannot deliver on the promises.

Whenever you see an advertisement for quick riches you should ask yourself a simple question, why me? Odds are when you receive an email giving you the chance to make a ton of money in a short period of time it will be from someone or from a company you have never heard of and by asking why that offer was sent to you, the only logical answer is they are trying to rip you off. If the offer is from someone you know, it may still pay to be skeptical about the kind of money-making promises being made.

Many of these offers are sent out every day and are preying on those that can least afford to spend the money. They are attractive to those that may be desperate for making some quick cash or those that are greedy and many to make a lot of money for doing little work. In reality, it is called work for a reason. If you think about it, there is no reason any stranger would want to share their unlocked secrets with you instead of keeping them to themselves or sharing them with close friends and their family.

You have probably already noticed that in order to take advantage of this person's generosity of sharing all of this information will cost you money. They may even offer a money-back guarantee, but rarely will they tell you how to get your money back. Ask them to send you the information promise in 30 days when you are making all that money they promise you will pay them and see how far you get.

Most people looking for work on the internet cannot afford many of the job offers, yet are enamored with the prospect of making a lot of money. Once they do pay for the information they realize that the amount of work necessary to just break even is going to take more time then they have to devote. That is if the job exists at all and is not just another way to separate you from your cash.

Identifying job offers that are only offering to take your money can be difficult as many possess promises written in such a way that you may feel you would be foolish not to jump at the chance. If at the end of the professionally written sales pitch you have no idea what you will be doing in order to earn the money, it probably is not going to live up to your expectations. The only way to avoid these types of scams is by asking that one question, why me?

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fear Is Biggest Obstacle To Starting Business

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One of the most common causes people shy away from starting their own business is fear. Most understand that when they operate their own business their time is no longer their own the needs of their customer is going to come before the needs of their family and many are not willing to make that sacrifice.

In addition to time, money is the second most fearful aspect of working for themselves, knowing that if they mess things up, it can be a problem for more than just them. The needs of their family will still be there even if the money is not available and there are many other things they have to worry about when striking out on their own. Not least of which is health insurance for their family. They will have no one else to turn to if they can't make the monthly premium payment and most believe they will not be able to afford insurance that offers good coverage based on their projected income.

Some folks are lucky enough to also have a spouse that works and they can be covered under their insurance policy, but when a couple begins a business together there will be nothing to fall back on if business is not as good as they hope it to be. Daily incidentals are also a concern for those thinking about starting their own business. Eating, car payments, rent or mortgage and utilities will all need paid regardless of where the money comes from. Just thinking about how they will pay for everything can keep some people on their old job no matter how unhappy they are.

While everything considered is a real concern, by weighing the potential for success against the possibility of failure, there are some than plan ahead and then take the plunge. Unless they have a remarkable product or service that is going to provide the necessary income beginning on day one, they will have to plan for making the switch from employee to business owner. It may be in their best financial interest to begin their business venture on a part-time basis, maintaining their insurance and level of income while putting in extra hours at their own business until it builds into a full time income.

Many times when working towards making this transition, people can grow frustrated with the pace at which the new venture is growing, but they need to remain realistic. The new business probably will not grow any faster if they are working at it full time and should not allow the perceived frustrations at their old job convince them to make the mistake of leaving before the new business can support them and their family.

While fear of failure should not be the deciding factor of whether to strike out on their own or not, the fear can be used to help them decide when it is financially safe to do so. Ignoring the fear and diving right in may help them become successful sooner, but it can also lead to disaster. Using the fear to better understand the challenges and to develop ways to meet those challenges can make their fear a partner in the decision instead of the deciding factor that prevents them from even trying.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Earn Extra Cash From Your Online Presence

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Some businesses may believe they have no need for a website and if they are a service business or have no offers for online sales, they may well be right. However, a large portion of potential customers learn about products and services based on online searches and businesses who lack an internet presence will miss out on a lot of potential sales. No longer will people drive to many different locations looking for specific products or spend hours on the phone calling around to find a service technician.

Most people today have internet access and will begin by looking online for a specific product or service. While telephone directories also offer much more information than even a decade ago, people claim it is easier to type in what they are looking for on a search engine and make calls from the results. Businesses not listed on the internet have more competition, even from business that may be further away and out of the customer's usual travel distance.

The website for non-internet based businesses does not have to be elaborate but should offer the basics of what is offered and most importantly how to contact the business. In order to pay for the website, there are a few things the owner can do to help raise money from their website through affiliate advertising or selling ads directly to other businesses.

The business owner can hook up with other businesses offering complimentary services or products on a commission basis and when one of their visitor's heads off to the other business's website and makes a purchase, they get a commission on the sale. Finding the right businesses with which to affiliate may take some research, but the additional income may possibly at least pay for the internet presence.

Having other affiliated businesses related to the line of work, but not in competition is the best way to earn extra money. For example, if the business is in plumbing services, affiliates that sell cleaning supplies may receive sales if there has been a pipe break. The business gets the call for the emergency service and the affiliate may get to sell some mops and other cleaning equipment. Other business that offer the same services should not be included in the advertising efforts as competition will reduce the number of potential customers.

Internet auctions are big business and receiving a small commission from auction sales can help pay the bills and by advertising an auction on the business website will most likely not be in competition for what is sold there. Making the site a destination to faithful customers with appropriate seasonal changes can have customers return just to visit the affiliated companies, earning the site money even if visitors do not need the services of the company.

Talking to other local related businesses about sharing the cost of the website is another way of paying for the site. If someone has a pipe burst they may need carpet cleaning or basement work and other local companies may pay a percentage of any business that is sent their way as a referral from the business site.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Internet Marketing: The “Wrongs”

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As many smart and effective strategies that are utilized to successfully promote an online business, there are just as many, if not more, inadequate, even foolish, approachesthat could spell doom for the venture. These “wrongs” can range from the merely uninformed or misinformational to the outright disregard, either of which can lead to the commission of social and pofessional faux pas. Blunders such as these can serve as the seeds for any temporary and therefore correctable problems, or they can bring about the destruction of the business in question. When a vast network is established for a business, news can does circulate extremely fast throughout the professional community where it eventually filters into the many public forums where damage is especially critical.

Following are a few major “don’t”s of which new business owners should be wary in their day-to-day practices with both colleagues and the general public. They might seem like no-brainers, but they are oh-so important enough to serve as reminders.

1) Never play ‘favorites’. Different from target networking, which serves as a means for isolating those for which one’s particular business is designed, Playing ‘favorites’ is downright discriminatory in nature. This is especially true when it comes to interacting with potential clients or customers. For example, when a male entrepreneur pays more attention to a buxom blonde with big blue eyes and a shapely form over a heaving old man with a wart-covered face who, by all rights, was “first in line,” such sourness and complaints are liable to cast the business owner in a negative light and even possibly lead to litigations, the second especially occurring in the case of a woman being ignored over a man in relation to a male-owned business. Behavior should be motivated through fairness and objectivity, as well as an overall general friendliness and the appreciation for patronage of a business venture by all who show an interest.

2) Never network according to narrowly devised business objectives. When online marketing plans are put into play within a small demographic, the business cannot easily grow. Opennes and flexibility should always be considered so that network circulation of business ideas and preferences are dispersed faster and more broadly throughout the various Internet communities where they will become known among a greater number of people. When it comes to networking, a “happy medium” is the more beneficial approach, especially for the new business owner who is trying to become established in her or his particular field.

3) Never cut down affiliate or competing businesses when advertising. This looks petty, and it is underhanded. Although some politics are involved in marketing and promoting a business venture, “mud-slinging” is not necessary. Instead, the more appropriate and more effective advertising puts emphasis on the showcased business’ merchandise and key objectives. The business, if viable enough, can and should stand on its own and speak for itself without having look good through criticism of others. This will only lead to resentful opposition with an outfit that could eventually serve as yet another networking affiliate.

The business world is a virtual mindfield, especially for the newcomer. This is why entrepreneurs just starting out would be well-advised to become informed on law and etiquette when developing business protocols and philosophy. Knowledge is power, and the power could save one’s hide.


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