Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Making Money with a Network Marketing Affiliate Program

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Even the most novice network marketing newbie can attest to the fact that the Internet is a marketing goldmine. There is no other venue that has the power and potential to reach so many different segments of the world populations all on the same day as a properly worded, well disseminated ad campaign. Is it therefore any surprise that so many marketers are trying to make money with a network marketing affiliate program?

While making money with a network marketing affiliate program is a wonderful solution for the ‘Net savvy, be mindful of a few simple truths before you go out and seek to joint the fray. First and foremost, a probable and workable marketing strategy needs to be devised. There is no magic bullet when it comes to Internet marketing; instead, a campaign that works relies on the designer’s ability to understand and utilize current industry standards and consumer buying trends.

In the 1980s, for example, all things tech were in high fashion. This was the time to appeal to the consumer’s need for the latest techno gadget known to man. Today, environmentalism is the current rage, and you will do well to capitalize on this change in consumer consciousness if you hold out any hopes of making money with any network marketing affiliate program. Thus, picking suitable affiliate programs is just as important as presenting them in a currently in style fashion.

Of course, the second step to making money with a network marketing affiliate program is the utilization of a well designed and highly competitive medium: the website. If you thought before that a lot was written about marketing on the ‘Net, you will be amazed at the sheer mass of information is available on website design, optimization, and various other peripheral ideas related to having a website that works. It is the wise network marketing affiliate who will pay close attention and follow the advice given by successful network marketers everywhere that in the end will succeed in making money with the affiliate program. After all, “build it and they will come” may pertain to baseball fields, but it has yet to find an application with respect to websites.

A final word on website promotion: in order to make money with a network marketing affiliate program you need to get visitors to your website. While online promotion is a most worthy and important part of the package, it is the off line promotion that yields the highest potential for qualified leads. Consider the fact that your website placed prominently on a flyer may become part of someone’s address book simply because your postcard is appealing and because you gripped their attention to such an extent that they want to take a look later, whenever later may be, yet in the meantime they are holding on to your card. In time, your card may get shared with a number of other interested prospects. Over time, this little off line advertisement investment will yield many times the results that a strictly online campaign could possibly hope to bring.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

3 Websites That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Internet Business Blog

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There are as many ways as there are ideas to get visitors to come to your internet business blog. In this article we'll focus on social bookmarking and news websites. Let's look at 3 and see how they work.
By definition OnlyWire is a social bookmarking service that allows you to submit your articles or blog posts to many social bookmarking websites at once. Social bookmarking allows internet users to classify pages they would like to bookmark with tags instead of keeping them in a bookmark folder on their computer. These bookmarks can then be shared by all online users of the social bookmarking website. The theory behind social bookmarking websites is that if you find something interesting or useful on the web then the odds are high that someone else using the bookmarking website will find it interesting as well.

Social bookmarking websites are very popular with the major search engines, so if your blog posts can be found on these social bookmarking sites they will be noticed by the search engines as well. Additionally, as people bookmark resources that they find useful, resources that are of more use are bookmarked by more users. Thus, such a system will "rank" a resource based on its perceived utility. This is arguably a more useful way to get information than other systems which rank resources based on the number of external links pointing to it.

When you create an account with OnlyWire you'll be initially asked to sign up for all of the bookmarking sites that OnlyWire will submit your blog posts to. This initial effort will allow OnlyWire to bookmark you blogs on 10 or more social bookmarking sites all from a button installed on your browser's tool bar. Once you set up your account and are ready to submit a post you'll simply need to enter the title of the post, a short description, the main keywords that describe your post(tags), and the category that it fits. Over time you will find more and more of your posts ranking in the search engines.
StumbleUpon works on the same premise as OnlyWire and is also assigned a button on your browsers tool bar for when you are ready to submit your content. The difference with OnlyWire is that there is also a community component so you can add friends to your account and let them see what you've been bookmarking and vice versa. You can form networks of people with similar bookmarking interest, and vote on sites that have been bookmarked.
Submitting your blog posts to is a great and fast way for quality traffic. Digg was create for people to share content from anywhere on the web. You can create an account to submit your posts which are then read and rated by it's users. By submitting informative and helpful items you can create popularity and be promoted to the front page. This can create a stream of traffic that lasts a long time and potentially cause your blog to be seen my millions of users. Another advantage of Digg is that all information is equal when it is submitted and only becomes ranked higher by the people who vote for it. If you have a way of tracking the traffic to your blog you will notice visitors from Digg after every submission from people across the globe.

As you can see, there are many ways to get free traffic to your internet business blog. These methods don't take much time at all and can have a long lasting effect on your blog traffic. Social bookmarking websites are also significant to the search engines which is where most websites and blog traffic comes from. Becoming consistent at using these sites every time you make a new post is the technique will work to get some good traffic to your internet business blog.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Starting A Home Business Doesn’t Have To Be Terrifying

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So, you want to start a home business, but after reading all the statistics about the number of home businesses that fail have you frightened about the prospect of failure. It has often been noted that a failure to plan is a plan to fail and when starting a home business, this is especially true. Understanding the product or service, understanding the available market and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses can take some of the fear out of starting your own home business.

Before starting your own home business, you will need to have a thorough understanding of the product or service you will be offering. Consider if it will be a business based out of your home or one that will be conducted in the home. Many professional services are prime opportunities for home businesses, such as accounting, financial planning and billing, with customers and clients visiting your home business or with you traveling to meet with clients.

Other professional services offer at home business opportunities such as transcription services or billing operations, in which information is emailed to the home and the completed work is electronically returned. There is very little personal contact involved and all transactions are performed through the internet. Being able to perform the functions without the need for help and advice from others is the most important aspect of taking some of the fear out of starting your own home business.

Before you sell any product or service, you will need an understanding who your customers will be, as well as how to reach them. Leaving your family and friends out of the equation, you should ask to whom you will make the first sale. This may start as a theory about who will need your product or service, but narrowing it down and putting a name to the first customer will take a lot of the apprehension out of starting your home business.

You should then be able to consider where the following customers will come from and this should be part of information you gathered in determining there is a market for your business. When you start to draw up your list of future customers, as the list grows longer the amount of fear you may be feeling about starting your own business will begin to fade.

Simply stating that “I can do this,” is not the same as identifying your weaknesses and strengths. Before starting a home business you have to objectively assess your abilities and where the lack of any ability will become a liability to the success of your business. Sometimes it hurts, but being brutally honest with yourself can save a lot of aggravation in the future. Recognizing weaknesses can help them be overcome and add to the chance of success.

If one of the strengths you list states you are a ‘people person’ write down what that means. You may surprised that your best efforts are executed when you work alone. Once you have identified your good points and those that need improvement, there should be little terror is starting your own home business.

Overall, there is never going to be a "perfect" time to start a home business. You simply need to generate an idea and start. Each moment that you stay "out there," you're wasting valuable time that you could be learning the skills necessary to become a success with your business. In fact, if you haven't started yet, you're already behind. Making the leap to start a home business today is one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What to Do When You Feel like Quitting Your Home Business

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Have you had it? Ready to pack it in and start sending out resumes again? Sometimes working for yourselves turns out different than you expected. Don't throw in the towel yet. Step back and get a new perspective on working.

It's time to motivate yourself. Don't throw away what you have accomplished so far. All small business owners get frustrated at some point in time. A lot of small businesses fail due to owner burnout. What can you do to get out of the rut? Here are a few ideas. Being stressed out is a big factor in wanting to quit. Try taking a few deep breaths. Deep breathing relaxes the mind and body. You might want to try some form of exercise daily.

A massage once a week s also a great stress reliever. Maybe it is time to turn the computer off or take a break from your work. Get away for a few minutes or even a few days. Getting out of your element will refresh you. Try a picnic, a weekend camping trip or a few days at the beach. Taking your mind off of business can and will refresh you.

Don't have the ability to leave home for a while? Try some motivational reading. There are lots of books out there about successful business owners. Exploring how others have overcome their obstacles may help you overcome your own. Reading how others have decided not to quit, can make you decide not to quit, either.

Now is not the time to give up. You could be only one step away from success. Don't get desperate. Desperation can get in the way of your reasonable thinking. Keep taking those steps. You never know when the next step will lead to success. Try telling yourself you are a winner. Winners don't quit. You have to tell yourself that you are a winner and believe it. If you don't believe in yourself, then no one else will.

Deciding to keep your business is a step in the right direction. You must realize that there is no "quick fix." Succeeding involves your emotions, desires, thoughts or focus, and your beliefs. Be sure to nurture each of these areas. Each successful business person goes through processes to feed each of these areas. It is up to you to find what successfully feeds each of yours.

Motivation is the driving force to succeeding. You will need to learn to motivate yourself each day. Learn to respect the challenge and invent your energy in your under taking. Overhaul your beliefs, journal log your experiences and read lots of books on your subject. The biggest thing is to have lots and lots of patience. Believe in yourself and go out and succeed.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

How To Make Internet Money Marketing Network Solutions

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Marketing is an art that combines the dance of the offer and the sale, with the science of ascertaining a client’s needs and wants, not necessarily in that order, without having to ask the question. As a marketer it is your goal to provide your client with the solution to a perceived need, real or imagined, and sell her or him on the idea that only you, your business, or by extension your website will be able to adequately meet the need. Does this sound cold? Perhaps so, but this makes the reality of marketing no less compelling to the savvy individual. Similarly, it will not dissuade a client from doing business with you.

To make Internet money marketing network solutions you will first need to understanding what kind of network solutions you may offer. Computer users are always on the lookout for that bit of code that will make the machines run faster or more efficiently while at the same time protecting them viruses or hacker attacks. Similarly, those using databases always look for the software that is more germane to their actual business rather than broadly applicable as the usual database software that comes as part of a bigger package. Therefore anyone wanting to market network solutions will do well to address the needs of a niche rather than the wants of the market as a whole.

Understanding the concept of Internet money may be a little harder to grasp. Many a company has an advertising budget which also includes marketing their product online. In the same way, many a company has a hardware and software budget, that to a certain extent also includes Internet related aspects such as service contracts, subscriptions, and even the standing order of toner that is done via the ‘Net every 60 days. This kind of money is considered Internet money because it is either spent on something purchased on the Internet, via the ‘Net, or for the company’s ‘Net presence.

To make Internet money marketing network solutions you need to find out where your potential clients’ Internet money is spent and then offer to provide the same or a similar service. In essence the goal is for the client to transfer the money that was paid to vendor A to you instead and have you take over as vendor A’s substitute. This is easier said than done if you do not know your way around the network solutions business. Those who are computer savvy, however, and who know how to cultivate the right contacts and contracts in order to operate for a business in lieu of vendor A, even if it means outsourcing the job or service at a lesser price that will still allow you to make a healthy profit on the deal, will find that there is no limit to the profitability that may be found in this business.

If you are still unsure of the entire business concept, consider the term “reseller” and you will come to understand how – even without an inventory or a specific IT skill set – you can make Internet money marketing network solutions.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Tips For Publicizing Your Home-Based Business

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If your work from home then you likely know that one of the biggest disadvantages is the fact that it is hard to achieve visibility in the market. However, be sure that you aren’t afraid since the number of home based businesses is growing because of the advances in technology and also due to the slowing economy. A home based business also has many benefits such as no commute time, you can make up your own hours and there is increased job satisfaction. The following tips can help you increase the visibility of your home based business in order to have a truly wonderful job.

Use press releases. This is one of the best things you can do for a home based business. When you launch a business, gain a new client, offer new services or products and when you are involved in a newsworthy event are all occasions to write press releases and send to your target publications.

All home based businesses can benefit from a web site. A web site is the ideal place for a home based business to announce their new products or services. For those without a web site you can easily find several sites that have free or low-costing hosting for single web pages.

A good method of advertising is to create a newsletter. You can have an e-mail based or off-line newsletter to send to both potential customers and current customers. Just make sure your newsletter contains worthwhile information for all your readers. If you only put in marketing hype then you will do your business more harm than good.

Giveaways or novelty items that you can give to your customers and potential customers is an excellent option. Just make sure your giveaway has your company logo or name along with contact information in order for it to be effective. You also want the giveaway to relate to your business in some way. Such as a mouse pad for those who work as a desktop publisher.

Networking is an excellent way to gain visibility as a small home based business. Simply join associations that are affiliated with your industry. Then you can meet potential customers, partners and even suppliers. Whenever you meet someone remember to give them your business card and take advantage of any speaking opportunities.

It can be beneficial to consider partnering or teaming up with other home based businesses that offer complementary services or products. This way you can double each others contact list and provide your clients with a more well-rounded package. And you can announce your new partnership with a press release for increased exposure. You can easily get the word out about your home based business with just a little ingenuity and effort. Then you will have increased customers and business growth as a reward.

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